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'AMP II' - Engine Demo & Mod Tools Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 21, 2003 @ 10:14 p.m. PST

4D Rulers has released a new version of their in-house AMP II Game engine (engine used in Secret Service Security Breach, the first game to ship with stencil shadows, bump mapping, specular lighting and per pixel lighting). The SDK and Tools are also available so the mod community and prospective developers can create content and code before license the engine (thanks HomeLan). Read more for download links ...

Get the AMP 2 v1.3 Engine Demo Off Worthplaying (51mb)

Get the AMP 2 v1.3 SDK & Mod Tools Off Worthplaying (7/21mb)

Version 1.3 of the AMP II Game Design System is now available. We've changed the licensing agreement so anyone can download and evaluate the SDK and tools before deciding to license the engine. This means mod authors and prospective developers can create content and code before they pay. AMP II was used to develop the comercial game Secret Service Security Breach published by Activision this fall, the first game to ship with stencil shadows, bump mapping, specular lighting and per pixel lighting.

New features in AMP 1.3 are:

  • Support for the full family of Radeon cards.
  • Per polygon Map object collision. AMP II can auto generate collision for simple convex models or build your own for more complicated meshes.
  • Destroyable map objects. Destroy tables, chairs, supports, walls, any sort of model with or without collision.
  • Per polygon collision effects. For example, you could build a truck carrying a load of wood. Shoot the truck in the windows and the glass could break, shoot it in the metal areas and get a ricochet sound and torn metal decal, shoot the wood in the back and see splinters fly and have chunks of wood flying everywhere.
  • Menus and interface. Create your own menus and game HUD or interface using our simple to use .god files. No programming skills required.
  • Destroyable lights. Link your lights to a destroyable map object and have destroyable lights.
  • Artificial intelligence. Built in AI with full source code using AMP's scripting system gives working examples of artificial intelligence that can patrol, play scripted events, attack, take cover and more.
  • Doors. Amp now has working swinging or sliding doors with collision detection.
  • Support for Max 5.1 and Character studio 4. Also version 4 and 5 are supported for map objects but not characters.
  • Tracked effects for map entities. This makes it so bullet hole decals would move on moving parts like doors as the doors open and close.
  • Added support for individual shadow control on a per map-object basis.
  • Implemented sliding-door script, made some changes to scripting, updated swinging-door script.
  • Added sky box support.
  • Integer velocity bug fixed in Max Plugin
  • Improved documentation and new tutorials
  • Implemented compressed texture cache and improved overall texture management to improve load times.
  • Fixed c4 detonation bug.
  • Fixed weapon accessory bug.
  • Fixed impact physics to work properly with new players that have the origin on the floor.

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