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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Noviy Disk

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'Lagsters' - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 23, 2003 @ 9:25 a.m. PST

Industrial post-nuclear

When you want to get an idea of the world of Lagsters as it is, then this is the most characteristic track theme of this game at all. Old ironworks, abandoned foundries, rolling mills – all these are inherent to the tracks of this style. Walls are mostly rusty and worn, with scattered breaches and rifts. Illumination styled like the common daylight gas lamps and pinhole sources of light, some spotlights at times. Some pipes are along the tunnels’ walls, randomly broken and with waifs of steam. Peculiar are the time-worn warning boards on the walls. Yet one very recognizable feature is the stripped marking. There are also some conveying belts moving towards or forwards, though slowing or speeding up the vehicles. Some huge fans make passing the track sometimes very difficult – you have to pass them in proper time. Or, there are some diaphragms, giant doors expanding right before the moving car, so you cannot see what’s behind it. And to crown it all we can see some high-tension cables with lightning and sparkles etc. Altogether it produces an impression of an industrial dust-hole, which has for a certainty been a rather contemporary high-tech. But, although now it all looks absolutely out of gear, it has been created according to all the principles and rules of the unknown previous nature.

Shaft mining

A distinctive feature of this theme is tunnels, which are in the proper sense of the word dug or drilled, and represent in fact mineral mines. One can see here different chocks and laps, mine faces filled with gob and abandoned mechanic devices, something like boring machines, trunk conveyors and other equipment. Some of them are still working thus creating additional danger during the race. There are also high-tension cables, various pipes and of course, airshafts. The track can be covered with undermineable goaf, when the whole passage is locked with stones, burrow you should use some powerful gun to destroy the gorge. Illuminants are mostly built into cavate niches, these are rather powerful illuminators. Spotlights and separate illuminating torches complement the light picture. If you will get into the deepest mine, then you even can see the life of planet from inside, you can see moving magma. Going back to the topic, we must say, that something is mined here. This ‘something’ is the-very-essential-for-all-and-very-expensive-mineral, which is brightly blue-colored and glows in darkness. Sometimes you can meet some tubs fulfilled with this mineral left right in the centre of the tunnel.

Biotech organics

This theme is a mix of hi-tech and organics. You can imagine it like a forgotten bio-lab, which patient breed and became rampant and fulfilled almost the whole space of laboratory. Now all it became one big organism, acting and surviving as it can. Just like a huge worm or snake. You may feel yourself as driving in its womb, seeing all processes of its internal life, with bones, internals, tentacles, beating hearts – but all of them in huge size. Illumination is presented in both organic, like some parts of this huge organism, and technical forms - lamps.

Slums and sewers

This theme is little bit similar to industrial, but similarity can be found only in crossing set of objects. Tunnels are mostly made of bricks and concrete, many of them are covered with graffiti. Sources of light are floodlights and lamps, many of them blink because of damage. There is also yet one peculiarity of track in this style: right angle turns and long straight sections that made for picking up the high speed. Tracks are filled with different garbage, such as cans, boxes, barrels, pipes along the walls sometimes are broken and highly explosive steam breaks away from the holes; electric cables, situated on the walls are also damaged and spark.

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