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Hunting Unlimited 2

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'Hunting Unlimited 2' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 23, 2003 @ 6:28 p.m. PST

Get the Hunting Unlimited 2 EPack v1.2 off Worthplaying (2.5mb)

Extract the file patch_1_2.exe and run it. The Enhancement Pack 2patch will install automatically.

Enhancement Pack 2 is also available just in time for the Holidays, and the gift from us to HU2 fans is that the Enhancement Pack 2 tournament support! Players can now easily and seamlessly create and compete in Online Hunting Tournaments at Hunters can compete with their buddies around the world, posting their scores to the new "Tourney Page". They can compete as teams or as individuals, and their trophies will be posted alongside their scores.

For those wishing to create a hunting tournament, nothing can be easier. A few simple clicks and your custom tourney is all set. Just sent put the url in email, or your favorite HU2 forum, and your tournament is public! Gone are the days of worrying about cheaters, as the hunts and trophies are encrypted to eliminate any cheated scores.

The new also will display fans' screenshots and host the hunting missions they created and want to share with other HU2 fans around the world. FAQs on the HU2 Mission Editor and help on mission creation is also now available on the site.

The Enhancement Pack 2 also incorporates the EP1 patch and all the fixes, so players are sure to be up to date once they grab EP2. For the next step in Online Hunting Competitions, get yourself EP2 and start uploading your trophies for bragging rights!

v1.1 Enhancements and fixes:
  • super-runner bug (when pressing both UpArrow and W) fixed
  • animals killing hunter on ladder/treestand bug fixed
  • 1280x720 resolution UI font fixed
  • AI navigation improved (should no longer - or not so frequently - pass through themselves or trees)
  • rifle & handgun muzzle smoke added
  • changeable hat models
  • per-map different skins for ground blind
  • bigger head on male hunter model
  • brain killzones of most animals significantly increased in size to get easier head kills
  • faster loading of JPG and PNG format textures, should slightly decrease framerate stutter while streaming in new assets
  • walk sound adjusted; volume lowered
  • a larger part of the animal's skull now reports "head" killzone when the animal dies after being shot into the head
  • added the music credits in the credits section of the game
  • 8 new missions created by a respected community member, Sean Jeffries

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