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Tron 2.0

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'Tron 2.0' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 28, 2003 @ 1:50 p.m. PST

Get the Tron 2.0 v1.042 patch [FULL] off Worthplaying (45mb)

TRON 2.0 v1.042 Modified Update:

This installer (tron-update_v1x042ceng.exe) will update any version of TRON 2.0 on any version of Windows to a slightly improved version of the official v1.042 update. If you installed the v1.040 update using the installer I previously released for all versions of Windows (named tron-update_v1x3-noxp.exe or TRON 2.0 v1040.exe depending upon where you obtained it), you do NOT have to uninstall it first before installing this version. This installer will automatically clean up the mess left by that and any other previous updates for the game you may have installed.

This update installer will NOT delete or change any of your preferences or saved games, so you don't need to backup those files first before installing this update.

Currently, this update installer installs only the English language versions of the updated files. So, if you use this installer on a non-English version of TRON 2.0, the game's text will subsequently be in English. I plan to have a version of this update for the German, French, Spanish, and Italian versions of the game sometime shortly. In the meantime, if you have Windows XP, you can use the official v1.042 update installer from instead if you don't want the game's text to be in English. However, if you have already installed this modified update then you MUST uninstall it (double-click on the "Uninstall v1.042 Update" shortcut) first because the official update installer will not overwrite these game files since these files are newer.

Differences between this v1.042 update and the officially released one (tron-update_v1x042cxp.exe) :

1. This update installer will install the update regardless of the version of Windows that is running on the PC. The official update installer will only run on Windows XP.

2. This update installer thoroughly searches for the installation location of TRON 2.0, and it will succeed in finding Tron in many cases where the official installer will not.

3. This update installer will always overwrite the existing game files even if they are newer versions. This is done to ensure that a complete update to v1.042 will be done, and that mixed versions of game files will not result after the update is complete. If this update completes successfully, you can be sure that your installed version of TRON 2.0 will run as and be fully compatible with v1.042.

4. This update installer installs modified versions of the following files from the official v1.042 update:


NONE OF THESE MODIFICATIONS WILL PREVENT YOUR VERSION OF TRON FROM JOINING OR HOSTING MULTIPLAYER GAMES WITH USERS WHO ARE USING THE OFFICIAL VERSION OF THE V1.042 UPDATE. These modifications just correct some minor bugs and annoyances in the game and help alleviate the REZ file limit. Gameplay and compatibility are unaffected.

Although the gamep5.rez archive file in this update is not the same as the one installed by the official v1.042 update installer, the files contained within this gamep5.rez file are a consolidation of the ones found in both the official gamep4.rez and gamep5.rez file. I also removed the files from gamep4.rez that were replaced by newer versions in gamep5.rez. The other reason I consolidated these two REZ files is because the game has a limit on the number of REZ files which can be loaded. Removing the now superfluous gamep4.rez file allows for an additional REZ file, such as one which contains a user-created map and mod, to be loaded.

The Tron.exe and TronSrv.exe files were modified to remove the loading of all of the obsolete REZ files. This allows more REZ files, such as those which contain user-created maps and mods, to be loaded. The command-line option's text label and two obsolete URL references in Tron.exe were also changed. Finally, the version numbers of both of these files were changed from v1.0.0.0 to v1.0.4.2.

The CRES.DLL file inside of gamep6.rez was modified to correct the following mistakes in the game text:

The email address of Lora Bradley was corrected to be since she worked for Encom not Fcon.

E-mails addressed to "AllPersonal" were corrected to be "AllPersonnel".

The email address "" was corrected to "" since Encom's domain name is

The message "Correct advice given to Regular about who will the next race" was corrected to "Correct advice given to Regular about who will the next race" since the word "win" was missing.

The changes to v1042C-readme.txt correct some spelling mistakes and other minor inaccuracies, and clarify the operating system requirements of the update.

5. This update installer removes the following obsolete REZ files from the original installation and previous updates:

game1.rez, gamep.rez, gamep2.rez, gamedll.rez, gamep3.rez, and gamep4.rez.

If you wish to revert to a previous version of Tron such as v1.030, simply uninstall this update by choosing the "Uninstall v1.042 Update" shortcut, and then run the other update installer. It is not possible to switch back to a previous version such as v1.030 without uninstalling the v1.042 update first since the game's executable files have been changed in the update.

6. This update installer removes the obsolete registry entries for all of the previous updates including my previous v1.040 update installer.

7. This update installer installs LithRez.exe and UnRez.bat and a shortcut in the Start Menu which can be used to extract the game's REZ files, including the updated ones installed by this update, for use with the Tron editing tools.

Uninstallation Instructions:

If you wish to uninstall Tron, you will need to uninstall this update first by double-clicking on the "Uninstall v1.042 Update" icon before running the "Uninstall TRON 2.0" shortcut if you wish to remove all of TRON 2.0 from your PC.

If you uninstall only this update, the game will no longer run. You will either need to reinstall the game or just reinstall this update or one of the other updates for TRON 2.0. To downgrade to version 1.030, you can just uninstall this update and install the v1.030 update from .

This update installer will reinstall the updated files without requiring that the v1.042 update first be uninstalled. So, if your installation of Tron gets corrupted, simply running this update installer again may fix it.

Technical Support:

Although this update contains almost identical files to the officially released v1.042 update available from , five of the files and some of the registry entries have been modified to remove some limitations and correct some minor errors in the game such as spelling mistakes. Therefore, don't expect Buena Vista Interactive (BVI) to support this version of the 1.042 update. However, if you need some help after installing this update, the best places to find it are the technical support forums at , ,

and .

There are usually plenty of knowledgeable TRON 2.0 users at each of these forums who can assist you with whatever problems you are having with the game.

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