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'Sven Co-op' - Incompatibility Fix & Res.Evil Mission

by Rainier on Dec. 29, 2003 @ 10:33 a.m. PST

Sven Co-op 3.0 is now available for download. Sporting over two hundred and fifty features and changes ranging from new physics and AI systems to the Improved Cockroach, 3.0 is the largest, most significant update in Sven Co-op's history. One genuine problem is a compatibility issue with Natural Selection v2.0 due to Sven Co-op and Natural Selection's ability to play MP3s (SC3.0 includes the latest fmod.dll, and it's not backwards-compatible). Read more on how to fix this, as well as links to download the newest Resident Evil based mission for SC3.0.

Get the Sven Co-op v3.0 Incompatibility Fix off Worthplaying (250kb)

Get the Sven Co-op v3.0 Res.Evil Mission off Worthplaying (18mb)

A couple of things to check if you're having problems with 3.0:

  • If you're definitely installing to your correct Steam Half-Life directory, but the installer can't find a valid HL installation in that folder, it's probably because you haven't played a single-player game of Half-Life in Steam before, so the files (such as hl.exe) haven't been extracted. Just click Yes to force installation to the directory.
  • Make sure that you let the installation finish completely... it can seem to freeze for a few minutes at the end, especially if installing full HLSP support to Steam. Please be patient. If installation is genuinely stuck, press your Windows key and check for any open DOS windows.
    If you've copied your SvenCoop folder from regular Half-Life to Steam, you'll need to run the sc_files_STEAM.bat file in the SvenCoop directory to fix sentence problems/etc. (or vice versa)

Resident Evil: The Awakening

My name is Forrest Speyer. I'm a member of an elite task force known as S.T.A.R.S which is based out of Racoon Police Department. Generally we were never used for reconassence, but sadly I was wrong.

For the past few weeks, vicious attacks of people being eaten have appeared in Racoon Forest. Such tenacoty is rare, and we were sent in to investigate. After a few minuts in the air, our helicopter began to lose control. Something, or someone wanted to jepordize our mission.

After crashing, the team was split up. Richard, Kennith, and myself stayed behind at the chopper. What we were in for, was a rude awakening. After a few hours, a dark shadowy figure approached. He was in a strange containment suit, and carried a strangely configured MP5. This man was no ordinary man. I could make out the Umbrella logo on his suit, and on his Kevlar. He pointed his gun at us.

"Don't move", the man said. We were caught completely off guard. "What happened here? Speak now".

With my arms in the air, several inches from my gun, I told him my name. "My name is Forrest Speyer. We are part of-"

"I know your with S.T.A.R.S. What I mean is, why did you crash here".

"I dont know, I was hoping you could tell us". He lowered his gun which made the three of us a lot less tense. He then raised his hand up to his ear and started speaking under his breath.

"What the heck is he doing out here? Umbrella?! Why would they be out here?" Richard stated.

"I dont know. The report didnt say anything about goddamn black op's", exclamed Kennith.

(The story picks up after this).

Game features

  • ZOMBIE SLAUGHTER MINIGAME! Are you bored with stupid item finding, but your buddy still needs you in the map? Did you die on Insane! mode and your buddy wants to see if he can beat it by himself? WELL LOOK NO FARTHER!
    • The Zombie Slaugher Minigame (TM) is a fast paced, and incredibly intense bloodbath. Your goal? To protect the idiot for 10 minuts. If he dies, then the game is over, (no more zombies respawn), and you are forced to wait 10 minuts before the game resets itself, (kinda like a penalty for each min you were short).
    • To activate the Zombie Slaugher Minigame (TM), simply walk into the portal. The butchering will commence shortly....
    • Hints and Tips for the minigame:
    • Cover each other's backs! Zombies literally come from all directions, and they come in horades. The most deadly ones are the ones you don't see.
    • USE THE BARRIERS AND FURNATURE TO YOUR BENEFIT! The furnature and barriers outside are func_pushables. You can use the four peices to create minerature impregnible base or something to shield yourself from the zombies.
  • Realistic item system. Now, to unlock doors you must grab keys. You must also share ammo with your fellow players, (because if you have more than 1 gun, when you die you only drop the gun you were equipped with). Yes, ammo and weapons DO NOT RESPAWN!
  • New gruesome monsters to fight. Defend yourself against Zombies, Hunters, Failed Tyrant clones, and much much more!
  • An entirely new arsenal of firepower to use
  • Great horrific sound effects and events which are ment to scare you poopless .
  • Ingame music, (resident evil mansion music, and other various sounds), so you don't need to use your mp3 player, (you can, but it would be kinda bad).
  • Various storyline elements. You can read books and crap, so it may be a good idea to do so
  • 3 diffrent people you can play. Be either Forrest, Richard, or Kennith.
  • 4 diffrent skill levels. Now, instead of it being insanely difficult for single player, (or impossible), you can just choose wussy mode. If you and your two pals want the ultimate challenge, try the INSANE! mode, where if you die, your out of the game!
    • Wussy mode- The anti N00B barrier is removed, (so you don't hafeta wait for someone to boost you up to the duct to get out), and the random zombies roaming the mansion are removed entirely.
    • Normal mode- Normal mode of play
    • Insane mode- All of the repeatively respawning weapons are removed for, "once only" respawning weapons. Basically, when you die, the weapon is lost forever. You are forced to share weaponry and ammo between your allies. Also, the Anti N00B barrier is locked, and once you are killed, you are out of the game.
  • Extra Game!- The extra game has no Anti NuuB barrier. It has some changes in the storyline, and a few neat surprises! Even without the barrier, it is still very tough!

  • Anti NuuB Barrier. Patented by myself, the Anti NuuB barrier will keep all of those losers who want to, "bash the hunter with the knife and instantly die", stuck in spawn untill they are able to get out.
  • Large Mansion, and Sewers to explore.
  • Secrets to find! Random unlocked rooms, and more! Explore to find extra weapons :P.
  • MUCH MUCH MORE! Each time you play is almost like a new game!

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