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'The Sydney Mystery'- Price Drop & Bonus Game Engine!

by Rainier on Dec. 3, 2003 @ 11:56 p.m. PST

Twilight Software is happy to announce two pieces of great news for the holiday season. Firstly, its highly popular casual adventure game The Sydney Mystery is now available online for only $19.95. And secondly, to sweeten the deal, the AGE Adventure Game Engine is now bundled with the game, allowing all customers to try their hands at creating their very own adventure games.

The Sydney Mystery was released in the first quarter of 2003 to great interest from the adventure game community, in particular because the game
was essentially the creation of one person: Brendan Reville wrote the game, performed all photography and filming, composed the music, wrote the story,
programmed the game engine and scripted the game together. With a highly enthusiastic response to the free demo, the full game has now been enjoyed
by hundreds of customers from around the world.

To celebrate such a great year, The Sydney Mystery is now available for the special price of only $19.95. It may be purchased, as always, at the official site:

But that's only half of the good news. The Sydney Mystery was created using Twilight Software's AGE Adventure Game Engine. Customers who purchase The
Sydney Mystery will now receive a special edition of this game engine which they can use to create their very own adventure games! Included is the engine software, the AGE Sample Game, and over 20,000 words of extensive on-disc tutorial documentation that show how to create an adventure game. Games can then be released under Twilight Software's new and improved Hobbyist Release License. This is a $199 value and is included for free!

Brendan Reville, creator of The Sydney Mystery and the AGE Adventure Game Engine, comments: "Creating an adventure game has been one of the most reawarding things I've ever done: community forums were filled with people getting stuck in the game, solving puzzles, and helping each other out. I saw people enjoying the adventure that I created! Now that people have seen what is possible with the AGE Adventure Game Engine, I hope that there are some special creative types out there who would like to create their very own adventure games. With this release, I hope that we have made available the tool to do exactly that!"

Twilight Software wants to recognise the contribution made by existing owners of The Sydney Mystery, and has already emailed all of them to give them details on how they can privately download this bonus content.

Twilight Software thanks its customers, the online community and the press for a fantastic year.

For all further details, visit Twilight Software at

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