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SpectraVideo plc Upgrade The P99 Light Blaster

by Thomas on Feb. 10, 2003 @ 6:18 a.m. PST

SpectraVideo plc has started to ship a new updated version of the immensely popular P99 Light Blaster. The P99D2 utilises the USB technology on the PS2, and is fully compatible with all PS2 and PSone Light Gun games. The P99D2 has all the features that made its predecessor such an amazing success, a real recoil action, auto reload and machine gun (which has been clocked at 400 shots per minute) modes as well as a foot-pedal for genuine arcade action. The new version also incorporates a D-pad to allow the movement of the character in-game* or the options in the start up screens.

The Logic3 light blaster has an un-paralleled ergonomic feel which helped the earlier versions of the P99K achieve reviews of 5/5 from and 4/5 from Play.

The P99D2 features:

Fully compatible with all Light Gun games (including GunCon2 titles)

Fully functional built-in directional control pad

USB and joypad port compatibility - True Recoil effect with each shot

Re-load foot pedal included - No additional batteries or power supply needed! - GunCon AV adaptor included

'Machine gun' mode (auto-fire + auto re-load)

Precision light sensor for accurate targeting

SRP £19.99

About SpectraVideo plc and Logic3
SpectraVideo plc have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, and were the first company in the UK to supply game pads, joysticks, wheels and light guns to the gaming community. The Logic3 brand has gone from strength to strength over the years with the addition of many new and innovative products like the range of SoundStation speaker systems – the first speaker system designed for use by video game consoles. For more information please check out

- Character control system is reliant on compatible software.

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