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ARUSH Entertainment To Publish 'Emergency 2'

by Thomas on Feb. 10, 2003 @ 8:12 a.m. PST

ARUSH Entertainment to publish real-time strategy game based on fire, police, ambulance, rescue and other emergency services; Due in stores this March... Terrorists attempt a poison gas attack on a visiting foreign dignitary, and he and his bodyguards are severely injured. You must decontaminate the area and stop the criminals from reaching their next target--the life of the President is in your hands. This is just one of the 25 exciting missions in Emergency 2.

In the game the player takes the command chair, directing groups of emergency services teams including police, fire fighters, hostage negotiators, K9 units, ambulance services and search and rescue units. In 25 action-packed, pulse-pounding missions, the player orders units to close roads, tend to the injured, prepare sharpshooters in tense hostage standoffs, contain nuclear disasters, make arrests, put out fires, rescue people trapped in wrecked vehicles and protect civilians and politicians.

"Emergency 2 puts the player in some insane situations that require quick, strategic thinking and the ability to accomplish multiple tasks at once," said Jim Perkins, president and CEO of ARUSH Entertainment. "Just like in a real life emergency, you must act quickly to ensure the situation doesn't get out of control, and you must be efficient to make sure lives are saved."

Missions are extremely varied with nearly 50 types of units including K9, Special Forces, Firefighting Planes, Helicopters, Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Teams, Psychologists and more. Combined with night and day environments, fully accessible indoor and outdoor environments and settings ranging from urban cityscapes and countrysides, Emergency 2 is a realistic, immersive experience that gives the player an opportunity to be a hero.

Emergency 2 will be in North American retail stores in March.

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