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'Battlefield 1942' - v1.3 Dedicated Linux Server

by Rainier on Feb. 10, 2003 @ 3:13 p.m. PST

After the update patch there is now a new v1.3 of the dedicated Linux server for Battlefield 1942 available. The new version adds a couple of query functions, squashes some bugs, and incorporates new optimizations to make for a "smaller and faster" binary. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the 'Battlefield 1942' v1.3 Linux server off Worthplaying (63mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Other Mirrors

Get the 'Battlefield 1942' v1.3 Linux server off 3DGamers (63mb)

Get the 'Battlefield 1942' v1.3 Linux server off FileShack (63mb)

To use this, quickly:

1) Unpack this tarball.
2) Edit mods/BF1942/Settings/ServerSettings.con to fit your needs.
3) Edit mods/BF1942/Settings/maplist.con, if you like.
4) Run the server. It doesn't have to be run as root. However, it DOES need to be run from the directory where it's installed, and it wants write access to that directory. Please visit google for general Linux information if "Run the server" was not sufficient. PLEASE DO NOT ASK THIS ON THE MAILING LIST. You aren't ready to be a Linux server admin if you haven't researched this independently.
5) Subscribe to the mailing list: to do so, send a blank email to ... discussion of server problems will occur there, so it will be in your best interest to subscribe.
6) Bug reports go to ... there is a Battlefield 1942 component in the bugtracking system. This is ONLY for bug reports and requests on the Linux version! Win32 bugs will be marked "invalid"!

WARNING: THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE. Do not run it on production systems if it's important for it to be stable at this time. We appreciate your patience and well-worded bug reports.

This version will refuse to run after about 30 days. There will be a new version well before that. The final non-beta version will not expire, and can be found at when it is available. For updates to the beta, you should check

Known issues:
- If you see the message "STUB: Hope this isn't important" and such, disregard them. STUB messages are harmless debugging reminders for the developers and will go away in a later version.
- If you see "(0): Error: : 1Failed to load", disregard it. This is a harmless message, too.
- The "Couldn't open flat archive file "Mods/BF1942/Archives/sound.rfa"" message is safe, too; there's no sound or textures in the dedicated-only version.
- Likewise, there's a lot of scripting warnings about missing sound/video functionality. Ignore them.
- In fact, ignore anything written to your screen. :)

Revision history:
- First release: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: 0db0df53fdd0dc5dc52d561a4490ce91
* First release, crashed a LOT. Bad, bad, bad.

- Build 1039730142: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: c1fde2a4fbb65c5b03292d2faed70a9e
* Fixed crash on level restart (fixes Bug #257).
* Fixed crash with command line handling.
* Fixed crash with lexicons not loading.
* Not built on Holy Build Box for speedy release.

- Build 1039933525: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: fe96214b6f6f659cc87aed37f2bb6263
* Fixed 23 invalid memory accesses.
* Fixed 3 bogus pointer dereferences.
* Fixed 1 significant memory corruption.
* ...and a partridge in a pear tree.
* Not built on Holy Build Box for speedy release.

- Build 1040194295: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: b07fe8b5672dac6f5aa4cc0c86f2e711
* COOP mode no longer segfaults server (fixes Bug #258).
* Not built on Holy Build Box for speedy release.

- Build 1040442243: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: 3e3c9b6421970f09d9571f240503c56b
* Fixed a bug in file writing routines (fixes Bug #276).
* No longer spams STUB about Emitter.cpp to the console (fixes Bug #288).
* Should no longer block/crash with RemoteConsole (fixes Bug #256).
* Replaced calloc() calls to (maybe) fix glibc 2.3 incompatibility.
* Not built on Holy Build Box for speedy release.

- Build 1040889129: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: 6e5270f3a3b533fd6473e4384022948d
* Fixed bogus free() if wrong IP is specified in config (fixes Buf #290).
* Fixed gamespy binding to "any" network interface (fixes Bug #273).
* Built on Holy Build Box (fixes Bug #306).

- Build 1041834125: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: 686b7000f9f6046ce28d844281916d35
* Possibly fixed GameSpy query port binding on FreeBSD (I HOPE.)
* Server "status" isn't always red in server browser now (fixes Bug #305).
* Removed threading to reduce context switching, reduce latency, and determine if there were race conditions.
* Built on Holy Build Box (as will all future builds be).

- Build 1042921583: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: 14533aaaa25ed112438ff0f5b709741d
* No longer exhausts file handles after many map changes.
* Minor networking fixes.
* No longer gives "STUB: menu player chat thingey" messages.
* Bots work in COOP mode (FINALLY).

- Build xxxxxxxxxx: bf1942_lnxded's md5sum: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
* Can take input on stdin, so you can control server without RemoteConsole.
* Checks envr var BF1942_GAMESPY_QPORT_BASE for GameSpy query port base.
* Sets GameSpy query socket reusable if BF1942_GAMESPY_QPORT_REUSE exists.
* Optimizations. Lots of various ones. Binary should be smaller and faster.
* Squashed another four memory corruptions.
* Fixed more uninitialized memory accesses.
* LAN games no longer have a 30-ping minimum.
* Merged 1.3 codebase from DICE, so we're probably back at square one. :)

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