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'Dynasty Warriors 4' (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 10, 2003 @ 4:10 p.m. PST

Ancient grudge and new mutiny bring an end to the four hundred year reign of the Han dynasty. The once noble empire of China crumbles into three warring states. In this latest installment of the Dynasty Warriors saga, honor and loyalty in the face of adversity serve as game’s theme. Obligations to lords and allies guide these ancient warriors across the battlefields of Ancient China. Dynasty Warriors 4 uses the most advanced melee-fighting engine to deliver the next evolution of tactical action. Experience the thrill of taking on multiple opponents at once and fighting against impossible odds. New features not only add more depth to the legend of the Three Kingdoms but also to the individual characters and the dramatic events surrounding


  • Conquer over 50 stages across 17 unique maps. More than any other Dynasty Warriors game!
  • Fierce new one-on-one duels with enemy officers.
  • Giant siege engines, essential to battlefield victory, include catapults, battering rams, bridge layers, flame-throwing tiger tanks, and more!
  • Create your own officers and bodyguards in Edit mode. A Dynasty Warriors first!
  • Kingdom Play allows you to select a different general for each stage in the revamped Musou mode.
  • New character-specific special attacks, jump charge attack, charge rush attack, and threaten.
  • Brand-new Weapon Experience System and Orbs allow for devastating elemental and poison attacks.
  • All Dynasty Warriors Characters return. Over 40 playable characters fully redesigned and remodeled, along with 3 new officers: Cao Ren, Zhou Tai, Yue Ying.
  • New victory conditions emerge and different events occur as the battle unfolds.
  • A completely new soundtrack blends modern music with classical Asian instruments and styles.
  • Up to 8 bodyguards per player!
  • Elephant troops will be available on the Nanman


The completely revamped Musou mode uses a Campaign System and Kingdom Play to provide even more freedom and replay value over the progressive single story paths of previous Dynasty Warriors ™games and further develops the legend of the Three Kingdoms.


While Dynasty Warriors 4 is based on the story of the Three Kingdoms, the game will take a more open-ended approach to the story in order to create a more involving atmosphere. Each campaign will be sorted into different eras, from which players may select freely rather than being forced down a particular path.
KINGDOM PLAY Earlier installments of the series used a character-based approach. This restricted the player to using the same character from the start of the game until the end. In the revamped Musou Mode, players will select a kingdom (Wei, Shu or Wu) and have the ability to change characters at the beginning of each


Not a game engine, but giant weapons used to lay siege and attack enemy fortifications. Dynasty Warriors 4 greatest achievement is the addition of large-scale siege engines including catapults, battering rams, and bridge layers. The new weapons function in real-time and will be essential to victory. Like the horse and elephant troops that were introduced in Dynasty Warriors 3, the inclusion of siege engines adds a new level of excitement to the tactical action series.


During battle, by acquiring Weapon Experience, your character’s Weapon Level will increase. The higher the Weapon Level, the higher the attack and number of possible combos.

Spheres add a special effect to a character’s attack. With higher weapon levels, the effects increase. If a SPHERE item is equipped on your character’s weapon, and the Musou Charge Bar is full, a Charge Attack will become a Special Attack. Each of the spheres is described below.

Flame Orb: Inflicts continued damage on an enemy as long as flame continues to burn.
Lightning Orb: Envelops surrounding enemy in an area of lightning.
Vorpal Orb: Delivers extra damage, occasionally causing instant death.
Frost Orb: Freezes enemy, causing temporary paralysis.
Blast Orb: Powerful attack that cannot be guarded against.
Poison Orb: Enemies will become poisoned and take more damage when poison is in effect.


One-on-One Duels expand the fighting system! Nothing quite captures the excitement of battle like defeating an officer one on one in a duel. Dynasty Warriors ™4 expands on the previous melee-based gameplay system with duels. Additionally, more effort has been put into individual units as well as the main characters, giving them even more attack and AI


New contents, strategy and tactics each time you play! Multiple Scenarios allow for different possible victory conditions and/or developments even within the same stage or Kingdoms. Additionally, New AI Patterns allow units to react to actual battlefield conditions and events rather than a set pattern at each stage. With constantly changing scenarios and new, more reactive enemy and ally AI, Dynasty Warriors ™4 presents the most realistic third-person battlefield action yet.

With Dynasty Warriors ™4, large-scale weapons such as catapults and bridge layers will be included, and work in real-time on the battlefield. These items will be essential to victory on the battlefield and will also appear as enemies in the game, standing between the player and their

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