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FaitH’s Era III Gets 'Suprising' New Game Features

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 12:48 a.m. PST

So, you’ve been playing the Dragon Claw Studio’s innovative and highly graphic web-based role-playing and strategy game for the past 6 months? You’ve had fun but felt that something was missing? All your soul-searching hasn’t led to any clear path? Rest your weary eyes and look no further...FaitH’s Era III has implemented changes and new features that will rock your world..! Read more for full pressrelease!

Before, FaitH was available in two versions: the Special Edition and the Free Trial. Now, players will have another choice: the Premium Edition.

The Premium Edition will give players access to more avatars and landscapes. It will also let players select their own tax time. As well, Premium Edition members will be able to create their own Counsellors and Generals according to their desires: from the avatar to the distribution of ability scores, your new hired help will affect the gameplay as well as battle results. Speaking of ability scores, Premium Edition players will have 20 points to distribute during a level-up instead of 10! And let’s not forget that the Premium interface has undergone some improvements, including a mini-site featuring the game’s server statistics and a search engine. In addition, Kingdoms can now enjoy more efficient teamwork thanks to the War Room mini-site, which lets players share events, gold, maps and battle reports with one another. It is also in the War Room that spell requests can be made, and that extended game statistics can be accessed.

But best of all: Premium Edition players will be able to sign up for the Beta Test of “The Surprise.”

What is “The Surprise?” It’s an exclusive FaitH chat application called “The Divine Chat,” and it boasts three major modules. First, it involves IRC-like chatrooms, whereby players can access multiple chatrooms and private messages. This chat will be linked to your in-game account, so nobody can impersonate you, and you can control game commands while chatting. Second, the Divine Chat features an Instant Messenger, making it easier to communicate immediately with your Kingdom mates and other FaitH friends. And third, the Divine Chat will include a Counsellor Alert, which can warn you of oncoming attacks, spells cast against you, and other events happening in your Province: all without logging into the game!

FaitH’s Special Edition members need not worry, they will still enjoy a full gaming experience. They will still have access to all of FaitH’s religions (currently Rift [neutral] and The Trinity [lawful evil]), as well as the regular avatars, maps, and Counsellors. It’s just that Premium Edition members get to customize their accounts in a more significant way!

Another change taking place during Era III is the amount of room that’s in a Kingdom. Before, Kingdoms could house up to 25 players. In Era III, that number has gone down to 15 to make teamwork more efficient. That means that you and 14 other players from around the globe will work together to complete a mysterious Divine Quest.

Era III begins on February 12. You can sign up for Era III now by clicking here.

A Free Trial is also available and allows curious folk to try FaitH for 3 whole weeks. Each FaitH Era lasts approximately 3 months.

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