'IGI 2: Covert Strike' - New Single Player Demo Available NOW

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:24 a.m. PST

Launching next Friday, February 21, IGI 2: Covert Strike's dramatic and deadly action can be experienced today with the launch of all-new and explosive playable demo. This standalone PC demo is now available for download.. Find out more below!

Get the IGI2 Single Player Demo 2 off Worthplaying (125mb)

US Link <--> European Link

Other Mirrors

Get the IGI2 Single Player Demo 2 off Codemasters (125mb)

Get the IGI2 Single Player Demo 2 off 3DGamers (125mb)

Get the IGI2 Single Player Demo 2 off Gamershell (125mb)

This new IGI 2: Covert Strike sampler is set in a 1950s Soviet weather station, high in the Carpathian Mountains and has David Jones, our IGI (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) agent, on a reconnaissance mission tracking down a nano-technology chip, held by the local mafia.

Objectives include locating a laser-cutter and a silenced sniper rifle, breaking into offices, deactivating security systems, and launching a weather balloon. Faced with enemy patrols, scientists and snow troopers, Jones needs to engineer an incredible surface-to-air escape on a Hercules plane in a classic blockbuster end sequence.

Gameplay faces Jones with many decisions between using stealth or firepower, use your judgement to see which tactics give the best results. Thankfully, you've got the Satellite Map computer at hand to help you out...

Get the new IGI 2: Covert Strike single-player demo ahead of the game's release next Friday, it's now available for free download from


Choose your tactics - stealth or guns blazing, it'll make all the difference in IGI 2: Covert Strike, the sequel to the award-winning FPS. The covert missions continue the career of David Jones, a former SAS soldier, now working freelance for the secret organisation, codenamed 'IGI' (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence). The spiralling plot takes Jones through real world locations spanning three continents, with the action ranging from all-out base assaults to covert surveillance and infiltration; thefts and escapes in outdoor and indoor, urban and rural environments. With SAS hero Chris Ryan as the game's military consultant, IGI 2: Covert Strike features more than 30 accurately modelled real-world weapon

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