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'American Conquest' Goodies Up For Grabs This Friday

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:27 a.m. PST

CDV Software Entertainment is asking gamers to make love AND war this Valentine's Day, through a series of radio competitions in which listeners can win replica antique duelling pistols. The competitions will be held on Friday 14th February and have been placed to celebrate the day's release of American Conquest – the latest real-time strategy epic from Cossacks developer GSC Game World. Listeners will have the opportunity to win a duelling pistol and a copy of the game on across the country local radio stations from Forth FM in the north to BBC Radio Devon in the South West. These competitions will be broadcast throughout the day, so gamers keen to get their hands on the game and replica pistols will need to keep their ears 'peeled'.

American Conquest covers 300 years of history, from the moment Columbus landed on Newfound Land in 1492 to the War of Independence, some 321 years later.

The game features some of the biggest battles ever seen in a real-time strategy game, with each player able to command armies of up to 16,000 individual units. Advanced AI provides the sternest challenge yet, as commanders wage bloody war across a series of historical battles. Huge maps over 600 'screens' large make each encounter a challenge – and with over 100 unique units and a similar amount of unique buildings, the tactical scope is immense.

"These antique pistols are works of art," says Anita Rodic, PR Manager, CDV Software Entertainment UK. "Modelled on the weapons of the era they will make perfect trophies for fans of American history. American Conquest offers unrivalled historical conflict set within historically accurate campaigns – whether you're a lucky winner of the replica antique pistols or not, there's no excuse not to enjoy the PC's most epic real-time strategy game ever."

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