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'Pro Beach Soccer' (PC/CONSOLE) - Story & Features

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:32 a.m. PST

Pro Beach Soccer is a fun, arcade game featuring cool-looking players, spectacular moves, laser shows and DJs playing hot tunes, set in the unique and exotic atmosphere of stadiums from Rio to Dubai. Beach soccer originated in Brazil and is a spectacular sport played on sand - which gives it a different dimension to standard football. Aimed at both football and arcade game fans, Pro Beach Soccer combines a wide variety of acrobatic feats with a light and sound extravaganza. In Pro Beach Soccer, the athletes and spectators create a unique vibe packed with action, sun and music.

Straightforward controls, easy to learn

The ease of use makes Pro Beach Soccer a very fun game: chips, slides and flying volleys are just some of beach soccer's fun moves. Physical and technical options for each move mean that there's a great variety of control. And button combinations can be used to take special aerial shots on goal.

With game modes that alternate between realism and arcade mode, Pro Beach Soccer gives you the perfect opportunity of becoming this sports main star. For example, in Pro Beach Soccer tour mode, you can take part in a whole season of beach soccer: take on best teams in the world (32 teams) and play in all four corners of the earth in unbelievably exotic locations! For those who love short intense challenges, the arcade/survival mode will let them take on 14 teams in a row!

Jump straight into a once-off match in exhibition mode and play 2 against 2 if you want. Training mode will let you take part in 4 playful tests designed to help you master the game's more complicated aspects. Finally, the competition editor will let you create your own league and tournaments.

Astonishingly realistic players and moves

The attention paid to detail in the rendering of the players will ensure users are truly immersed in the game: the smallest changes to facial expression and eye movement are clearly visible. The realism was made possible thanks to the multitude of animations recorded - for the first time ever on a sand court - during the motion-capture sessions carried out with two stars of the Spanish team: the striker Ramiro Figueiras Ameralle and the goalkeeper Roberto Valeiro Mato. These sessions gave rise to authentic and accurate representation of real beach soccer moves such as tackles, sand-specific moves and chips.

Casual player styles

Great care has been taken to give players individual styles: bandanas, sunglasses, coloured sun block, fashionable hairstyles and earrings make up a beach soccer player's typical outfit. The whole is topped off by a trendy, brightly coloured jersey...

From Rio to Venice Beach, each location has its own atmosphere. For example, the games are commentated by local DJs who also ensure the crowds are kept entertained. In command behind their decks they aren't shy about passing lively and provocative comments on the players actions or about playing hot tunes to back up their remarks. Pro Beach Soccer is played in 4 different locations (Rio, Marseilles, Venice Beach and Bangkok) and in 2 different lighting conditions (dusk and night).

Pro Beach Soccer was designed in conjunction with the Beach Soccer Federation (BSWW) whose help was essential in capturing all the nuances of beach soccer.


Spectacular gameplay and simple controls for easy mastery and dramatic aerial manoeuvres

4 exotic locations: Rio, Marseilles, Bangkok, Venice Beach

2 distinct light settings: dusk and night

Soundscapes which are tailor-made for each location and which help immerse players in the game

Live commentaries by DJs present in the stadium and not by typical sports commentators

Great attention to detail: animated faces and hairstyles; ultra high resolution (7000 polygons) giving extremely realistic skin textures

Players have laid-back appearances

Over 1000 Motion Capture animations for maximum realism

Arcade modes (Survival, Competition editor...) and more realistic modes (Pro Beach Soccer Tour)

Beach Soccer Rules

Played on a court of soft sand which is 37 metres long and 28 metres wide

Competition: National Team versus National Team

5 per team (including the goalkeeper)

3 periods of 12 minutes

Unlimited substitutions

Yellow Card = 3 minutes in sin bin

Direct free kicks, no wall

No draws, always a winner: 3 minutes of extra time followed by sudden death penalties

Some statistics

Shot on goal every 30 seconds (on average)

Goal scored every 3 minutes (on average)

11 goals scored per match (on average)

Platforms: PS2/Xbox/GBA/PC
Genre: Beach Soccer/Arcade
Release date: May 2003
Number of Players: PS2/Xbox - 4 players with multitap: PC - 2 players: GBA 2 players in link mode
Audience: General Public
Publisher: Wanadoo
Developer: PAM development

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