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Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Vivendi/Wanadoo Edition
Developer: Mythic Entertainment


'Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles' - Updated Press Release

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:39 a.m. PST

Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles is the first expansion pack available for Dark Age of Camelot players. It extends the story of the original game with new character classes, new races, and three new continents to explore – displayed in an all-new state-of-the-art graphics engine that make it look as advanced as any game on the market.

Dark Age of Camelot : Shrouded Isles enhances the original version of the game by introducing 18 new zones spread over three new territories (one per realm) : Avalon, HyBrasil and Aegir, three new races, six new character classes, not to mention new monsters, new weapons and additional quests.

The use of version 4.0 of the NetImmerse 3D graphics engine noticeably improves the game's graphics, making the most of DirectX 8.1 : dynamic shadows, realistic water with reflection and wakes, shiny surfaces, spectacular effects, high resolution textures, even smoother animation...

Dark Age of Camelot : the original game

Dark Age of Camelot is a "second generation" 3D MMORPG. For the first time in Europe, a game has been completely localised (game, manual...) and provided with back-up (server, hosts, technical support...) in French, English and German.

With more than 120 000 units sold in Europe, Dark Age of Camelot has the biggest online players community in Europe.

At the crossroads of the legendary Knights of the Round Table, Norse mythology and Celtic/Irish culture, Dark Age of Camelot immerses players in an epic universe inhabited by mythological and historical beings.

A new graphical engine with spectacular visual effects

At the time of its release, Dark Age of Camelot was already considered a beautiful game, with amazing graphics. Shrouded Isles now presents the player with a breath-taking and detailed view of the world. The textures used by the game graphic engine in Shrouded Isles are more refined and the animations get smoother with the technical features largely increased. Here are a few examples of the changes made possible with Shrouded Isles' new graphic engine:

Reflective surfaces

Realistic water with reflection and wakes

Dynamic shadows on characters, monsters, and world objects

High-resolution textures with even more detail

Animation blending to make all monsters and characters move more smoothly and realistically

Faster frame rate and better display management for a smoother view during large battles

Revamped user interface

All new and dynamic ambient music soundtrack and sound effect management for a deeper sense of atmosphere

Shrouded Isles has much more than just graphical changes. The random mixing system now features many new audio tracks, which confer a specific atmosphere to each location. An audio database now contains tracks in different registers, which are applied to the specific locations your character explores. This system is not intrusive and should provide in each realm of Dark Age of Camelot.

Three new continents to explore

Three new continents debut in Shrouded Isles, one per Realm. These areas use the newest cutting edge graphical effects and textures available. Some even benefit from better vertical display (cliffs, canyons...).

All the continents contain many new monsters, areas to explore, dungeons to clear that are more complex than in the original game, ruined cities, and much more. A brand new world !

Three new races make their debut in Shrouded Isles

Albion : Inconnu
Small and pale, the Inconnu are a mystery to the wise men of the Academy. Their origins, entangled in myths and legends, go back to the beginning of time. However it is well known that they serve the Lord of the Underworld and have come to form an alliance with the last of the Albion forces. Overrun by the evil unleashed by Morgana, and with nothing to lose, Lady Lyle has sealed an alliance binding her people to Arawn's minions.

Hibernia : Sylvans
Dryad-type creatures, the Sylvans have a faint resemblance to the trees in which they inhabit. They are part of the natural fabric of HyBrasil. They have joined forces with the races of Hibernia to fight off the threat of the Fomorians. Sylvans are humanoid beings, with brown bark-like skin and long, slender limbs. Their shoulders and heads are covered with red, green, yellow, and orange leaf-like hair.

Midgard : Valkyns
Few creatures can endure the harsh, bitter weather that rages over the rough landscape of the Trolls' realm, Aegir. Valkyns are of those. Hunched and muscular, these creatures are endowed with such skills and reflexes that they can rival with the Trolls' colossal strength. Closely related to the dangerous Morvalts, they live peacefully among the ancient Troll tribes. Some even say that they are ancient Morvalts, domesticated by their neighbours.

Two new player classes per Realm

Shrouded Isles introduces six new character classes. They provide a gameplay different from the original version.

These new classes are available to the new races but also to some of the older ones.

How to play Shrouded Isles?

Shrouded Isles is an expansion pack which adds new elements to the game. It will give new races, classes, monsters, landscapes, graphics, etc. and provides players with new things to discover. Players will need the original game Dark Age of Camelot as well as a valid European subscription to play Shrouded Isles. However, they won't have to buy the add-on. They can play with players which have the add-on but they won't see and benefit from the new features.

A constantly evolving world

Dark Age of Camelot belongs to a new type of game: the MMORPG, games which can include thousands of players at a time. These games are only playable on-line and, thanks to the actions of the other players and the development team, they continue to evolve even when the player is not connected. They don't follow the linear rules of off-line games as the player can choose his path from an infinity of possibilities. Dark Age of Camelot's easy-to-use interface has been designed to appeal to non-gamers while retaining flexibility and complexity. Dark Age of Camelot will delight those who like battling enemies alone or as part of a group, those who like creating and making things and anyone who wants to experience a magnificent adventure in a legendary world.

Genre : Massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG)
Number of players : Massively multi-player (up to 3 500 players simultaneously per server)
Release date : February, 19th 2003
Format : PC, only playable online
European valid subscription to DAOC required
Official website :
Age : All ages
Developer : Mythic Entertainment
Hosting, support and community management :
Publisher : Wanadoo

Shrouded Isles: £19.99
Collector pack*: £29.99

Subscription fees for the original game Dark Age of Camelot :
1 month : £6 - 3 month : £16.50- 6 month : £31

Collector pack*
The collector pack includes 2 CD-ROM : the original game and the add-on + 4 updated maps of the realms.

Minimum system requirements :

Win 98/ME/XP
Pentium 3 1.4 Ghz
256 Mb RAM
Internet connection
32 Mb 3D accelerated video card

Recommended system requirements :

Pentium 4
64 Mb GeForce 4
384 Mb RAM

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