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'Project Entropia' Version Update Golden

by Thomas on Feb. 13, 2003 @ 6:42 a.m. PST

The virtual universe of Project Entropia has gone gold with the release of its latest version update 4.2. The implementation has brought exciting new features into the ever-evolving universe of PE as well as several technical updates. Read more for the highlights.

PVP Introduced - The calls for Participant versus Participant combat have been answered. It is now allowed in a specially marked area of the map. The area itself is quite valuable with rare mineral deposits and unique creatures roaming about.

Personal Storage Facilities Present - Each avatar now has the ability to use a PSF, which functions as a safe deposit box for personal items. These facilities are located throughout Calypso and are free of charge.

Hall of Fame Expanded - A new construction category has been added to the HOF, as well as both an All-Time High section and a 24-Hour section displaying the greatest efforts of the last 24 hours.

PE Exchange Enhanced - Buy, sell and trade on the PE Exchange. More information is now available and the interface has been tweaked for better functionality and understanding.

Download Resume - If the connection fails during a download of Project Entropia, the auto-updater will now begin downloading the files from the point the connection failed when it is restarted.

Newbie Guide Online - While downloading the client, newcomers are offered a helpful guide about what to expect and how to begin orientating themselves on Calypso.

Exploit Info Reward System - Participants who encounter exploits (bugs that can be manipulated into cheating) and report them to MindArk can now be rewarded with up to 1000 PEDs!

Come and visit Calypso to see what else you're missing. Our next version update with more content and fixes is just around the corner..

Welcome to the future!

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