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'Time of Defiance' - Skirmish Servers

by Thomas on Feb. 14, 2003 @ 4:09 a.m. PST

Nicely Crafted Entertainment Ltd. (“NiCE”) today announced the launch of Time of Defiance Skirmish Servers. The new servers will be available exclusively to subscribers to Nicely Crafted Entertainment’s Massively Multiplayer Persistent-Universe Online Real Time Strategy game Time of Defiance. Unlike the normal restriction of only being able to participate in one game at a time, subscribers will be able to make use of the new skirmish servers whilst also participating in their regular game. Running at four times normal game speed, Skirmish Server games will typically last for around seven days, and can be used by subscribers to practice new tactics, settle outstanding disputes quickly and easily, or just for the enjoyment of playing the game.

Skirmish Servers add a great new way to play ToD” said Mark Ashton, producer of Time of Defiance. “The shorter, faster games are perfect for a quick fix or experimentation. With the ability to produce huge fleets in hours, rather than days, these games will be attractive both to those already playing in a single-speed game looking for practice, and also those who just prefer a shorter game”.

The new Skirmish Servers will also be making a special appearance at the forthcoming i15 LAN event at the beginning of March, allowing Time of Defiance players to get their hand dirty in an ultra-fast one day competition.

About Nicely Crafted Entertainment Ltd

Nicely Crafted Entertainment Ltd (NiCE) was created in 2001 to design and create Massively Multiplayer virtual worlds using their proprietary shared environment modelling system called “AliceServer”. NiCE’s company vision is to take the word “virtual” out of the phrase “virtual reality” – putting The Matrix┬« in your living room. NiCE is headquartered in Cambridge, England.

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