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Activision Launches The 'Tenchu: Wrath Of Heaven' Web site

by Rainier on Feb. 14, 2003 @ 2:16 p.m. PST

Activision is giving gamers an all access pass to go behind-the-scenes for its highly anticipated stealth-based, ninja action game at the official Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven web site. The site will kick off with an exclusive cinematic trailer showcasing the game's epic storyline and heart-pounding stealth action featuring all three playable characters - Rikimaru, Ayame and Tesshu. Additionally, the site will be updated weekly and will roll out a host of other downloads and information including custom wallpaper, character and weapon features, links to the online Ninja community and news updates. Named one of GameSpy's "Most Wanted Console Games of 2003," Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven will be available at retail early next month for a suggested retail price of $49.99.
The Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven web site will feature the following sections:

  • About The Game- Go back to 16th century Japan and learn about the violent rebellion and civil strife that are behind this newest installment in the acclaimed TenchuĂ’ series. An in-depth look at gameplay, ultra-realistic stealth kills, individual levels and the all-new multiplayer feature will accompany players on their journey.
  • Exclusive Downloads - Fans can keep the look of ancient Japan on their desktop with customizable wallpaper. New screenshots and updated movies will also be located here.
  • Characters - Intriguing tales of espionage, theft and assassination are behind each mission Ninjas must embark upon. Here fans can delve into the backstory of each ninja and learn about their unique abilities and the enemies they must defeat.
  • Weapons - Discover authentic Ninja weapons and items that help Ninjas to live by honor, kill by stealth.
  • Community - Link to the online Ninja community and experience an array of Ninja sites and Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven fan sites.
  • News - Get the latest Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven updates hot off the press!

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven builds on the renowned gameplay of the popular Tenchu franchise and delivers the most realistic, stealth-based, ninja action/adventure game ever. The game features impressive new stealth attacks, an enhanced fighting engine, new weapons and tools, plus larger levels, improved character animations, new multiplayer options and a soundtrack from famed composer Noriyuki Asakura. Taking advantage of the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system's impressive graphical capabilities, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven features 25 death defying missions, detailed lighting and weather effects, and improved character animations. The game has been rated "M" ("M" - violence, blood and gore - content suitable for persons ages 17 and older) by the ESRB.

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