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Postal 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Running With Scissors
Developer: Running With Scissors

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Whiptail Interactive To Publish 'Postal 2'

by Rainier on Feb. 17, 2003 @ 11:03 p.m. PST

Forget what you know about first person shooters, walk a week in the Postal Dude’s shoes and freely explore full 3-D open ended environments. Interact with over 100 unique NPC's. Postal 2 is all about choice; experiment with everyone and everything. And remember's only as violent as you are!

"Guts?" asked an incredulous Vince Desi, Running With Scissors' sadly twisted CEO, "Guts? Try balls the size of Hummers! That's the bottom line at Whiptail Interactive, and the real reason we've got ourselves a new partner."

Desi said he admired Whiptail's courage, not only as it relates to POSTAL 2's over-the-top content, but also the U.S.-based publisher's willingness to enter a market rife with "we make one too" action games, adding, "Vice is nice, but POSTAL 2 is BAAAD, baby!"

"We wanted to make a bold statement with our first game," said Fred Heslop, the president of Whiptail Interactive, "and I think it's safe to say there is no bolder statement we could make than partnering with Running With Scissors." With direct access to both the North American and European retail markets, Whiptail Interactive will reach legions of Postal fans everywhere who've been clamoring for a sequel.

Operating on Epic's Unreal Warfare™ Engine and featuring fully explorable, open ended 3D environments with over 100 unique NPC's and Gary Coleman starring as himself in the outlandish game, POSTAL 2 will explode as many "first-person" gaming myths as the player (the lovable Postal Dude) can explode heads.

"It is what it is," grinned an unrepentant Desi. "The original Postal stood gamers on their heads back in '97, and in publishing POSTAL 2, the game crazy gang over at Whiptail Interactive will guarantee our franchise will live on in infamy."

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