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'Conflict: Desert Storm' (NGC) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 18, 2003 @ 1:30 a.m. PST

Conflict:Desert Storm is a 3rd person squad based action game that has unprecedented realism and depth and is a carefully balanced equation of fast paced action, stealth and tactical warfare. Conflict:Desert Storm will be released in May 2003 on Nintendo GameCube and is currently available on PS2, Xbox and PC CD-Rom. Read more for some NGC features & screens ...

Take control of a squad of four British SAS or United States Delta Force soldiers as they infiltrate enemy territory, neutralise key targets and gather intelligence critical to the success of each mission. Your elite squad is made up of soldiers excelling in their own area of expertise, Rifleman, Heavy Weapons, Electronics and Infiltration and Sniper. Although each member of the squad can perform all tasks, the specialists are far superior in their respective areas and their expertise can be perfected as they progress through each mission. The longer your squad stays alive the more experience points they pick up, improving accuracy, and also making them harder to kill. The unique game system encourages the player to keep their veteran soldiers alive, as a veteran killed in action will be replaced with a rookie.

As the war unfolds, new weapons and equipment become available to the squad including the use of heavy artillery, and the ability to call in airstrikes and helicopter Gunships

Conflict:Desert Storm Features:

  • 15 Action packed Missions.
  • Use the enemies own vehicles and equipment against them to complete your task.
  • Team based play encourages tactical game play.
  • Fast action combined with stealth creates tremendous variety within any mission.
  • Multiple solutions to completing each mission.
  • Soldiers learn from their experience and improve their skills over time.
  • Fully researched and realistic modern weapons ranging from pistols and silenced machine guns to cruise missiles.
  • Enhanced AI directs friendly soldiers and creates realistic responses in enemy soldiers.
  • Detailed 3D terrain with cover and dead zones.
  • Switch quickly between each soldier or move them as a group as you engage in fast and deadly combat.
  • Real world physics - bullets fly through the air and explosions chew up the ground.
  • Fast and deadly multiplayer modes.

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