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'A Tale In The Desert' Launches New Age of Online Gaming

by Thomas on Feb. 18, 2003 @ 10:43 a.m. PST

Thousands of gamers flooded the world of ancient Egypt on February 15, as eGenesis unveiled A Tale In The Desert, marking the birth of the intelligent MMORPG. A Tale In The Desert diverts from the shallow, violent gameplay that is typical of the genre, focusing instead on non-violent conflict that encourages creative thinking and ingenuity. The game is available now as a free, downloadable demo featuring 24 hours of game-time, or 30 days of service, whichever comes first. Following the trial period, the game is $13.95 per month.

“I love the player-controlled environment and the great community of players and game masters,” said Ahkmet, a new player, about her first in-game experience. “A mentor greeted me and led me through the early stages of the game. He then showed me how to do basic tasks and how to build my character.” By her third day of gameplay, Ahkmet had become a guild leader and was helping others advance in the Egyptian world.

Set in a world modeled after Egypt of the pharaohs, A Tale In The Desert lets players work to create the perfect society by mastering the “Seven Disciplines of Man.” The game represents a departure from similar games in that it has a definite set of goals and an unfolding storyline. Upon its completion, the developers will restart the game with a new “tale in the desert.”

“After more than four years of development, it is great to see players exploring, building and shaping the world as they desire,” says Andrew Tepper of eGenesis. “Now we look forward to broadening our base and changing the way the world perceives the ‘massively multiplayer’ genre.”

As they advance in the "Seven Disciplines of Man," players of A Tale In The Desert are faced with unique, innovative challenges including beer-making, fireworks displays, and sculpture contests. While working to master the disciplines, a unique in-game legal system combined with the ability to build structures and unlock new technologies lets them control the look and feel of the game like no other commercial MMORPG available today.

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