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Dancing Video Games Now Have Their Champions, too!!

by Thomas on Feb. 18, 2003 @ 10:52 a.m. PST

Here is a news story on a growing gaming culture seen growing mostly in the bigger cities... As the editorial deadline draws nearer for the forthcoming edition of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, more and more champions are surfacing to represent the many distinct genres of gaming. And, most interesting among the new genre are the dancing games... More about it below!

"A very large but commonly overlooked niche of arcade gaming is the "dance game craze," explains Walter Day, editor of the forthcoming book of records. "Nearly as popular as fighting games in the arcade, Konami's series of dancing coin-op games have created a subculture of dancing superstars who have their own web sites, their own message boards and their own champions."

Twin Galaxies recently verified a new world record on Konami's recent hit title, Dance Dance Revolution - 7th Mix, as a fierce rivalry has started between New York City cyber-dancers and an equally as talented corp of Dance Dance superstars in Tokyo.

The entire story is at:

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