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Hearts Of Iron

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy

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'Hearts of Iron' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 18, 2003 @ 1:56 p.m. PST

Get the Hearts Of Iron v1.03b patch off Worthplaying (US/UK version/7mb)

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Get the Hearts Of Iron v1.03b patch off Strategy First (US version/7mb)

Get the Hearts Of Iron v1.03b patch off the official website (any version/7mb)

Additions, Interface and Enhancements

- You can now select which model to change upgrade a division to.
- Complete list of nations in the alliance of a nation is now shown at the diplomatic view.
- The actual effects of a minister is now shown in the tooltip and texts.
- Added DI cost to the diplomatic action rollovers.
- The techs listed in the Share Research window now have rollover texts.
- Added information to know which of your convoys has lost ships when attacked.
- Bombing ships in ports can now be done by giving the order "naval bombardment" on a province with a port in it.

Gameplay tweaks

- Movement-speed of landunits have been decreased by 50%.
- Tweaked formula for unload speed to focuse mostly on beach/port status and amount of troops.
- Moving troops within your owned and controlled provinces are now 50% faster than moving troops through occupied or enemy territory.
- Units can now retreat seperately from a combat without causing the entire side to lose the battle.
- Unloading of troops is now only cancelled if the ships unloading are forced to retreat.
- Puppets should now join alliances automatically when their master does.
- Land fortresses now take 90 days longer to build.
- Revised most minister personality effects and added effects to the ones who that didn't have any.'
- Made some tweaks to basic industry technologies to abstract low rubber.
- A unit is no longer encircled if it is adjacent to friendly territory.
- Militia units now also benefit from some rudimentary infantry techs and land doctrines.
- Naval Detection is now properly affected by weather.
- Exp. force divisions can no longer be strategically redeployed.
- New Conquered IC scheme: National 100%, Annexed 33%, Occupied, 20%
- When provinces are taken by force, they now suffer extensive (but temporary) collateral damage or administrative chaos (whatever term you like better. :-)
- Difficulty now also affects research speed for the player.
- Completely revised the logic for gaining experience on commanders.
- Air to Air combat is now much more lethal.
- Airplanes are now twice as expensive to reinforce.
- Reinforcing tanks and mechanized units are now 3 times as expensive in supplies as reinforcing leg-units.
- At the harder difficulty levels, the AI now gets 50% of conquered IC.
- Infrastructure now recovers even if there is no IC in the province.
- Large land fortifications are no longer in perpetual supply.
- Divisions should now be sorted according to type in the unit window.
- Changed the resource conversion ratios to: Coal->Oil: .25, .50, .75 & Oil->Rubber: .25 .50, .75, 1.0.
- The soviet consumer goods need-reduction when at war with germany is now only valid if Germany attacks them.
- Slowed down transport ships a bit.
- Aircraft rebasing now reduces org by 50%.
- Gibraltar, Suez, the Bosporus and the Sund are now closed to ships if and only if an enemy controls one of the key provinces. Gibraltar and the Sund
are always open to pure submarine fleets however.
- Halved the naval detection chances.
- Losing your capital now means that you lose quite a lot of stockpiled resources and supplies.
- Navalunits in combat are now automatically considered to be detected.

Generic Bugfixes

- Strategic bombing messages are now shown the controller, not the owner of a province.
- Numbers at stacks should no longer give away information of additional undetected ships in the seazone.
- Foreign leaders in expeditionary forces should no longer end up in your leaderpool after its unit is destroyed.
- You can no longer switch leaders on expeditionary forces.
- Fixed a major bug where unit movement got reset to start of movement if the currently travelled duration was below a day and they got engaged by enemy units.
- Bombardments should now start after you have defeated an enemy airforce trying to protect a province.
- Bombardment orders will not be interrupted by engaging fighters on the way, unless the fight is lost.
- Fixed a serious bug which caused some units to get destroyed instead of retreat in some provinces.
- Adapted some technology names (English) to fit the "allows" and "requires" boxes.
- Corrected the rollover text for the out-of-oil icon.
- Unit arrival dates are now saved correctly (invalidates old saves.)
- You can no longer use the auto-ccb popup to cheat naval detection.
- Disbanding another country's divisions now returns manpower to _their_ pool.
- Prioritising research or development should now update interface correctly in MP also.
- You can now load military controlled units onto their own ships.
- Election events should now always give the correct dissent reduction regardless of the number of ministers in the new cabinet.
- The PIW now correctly reverts to the unit view after sending destroyers on convoy duty.
- Fixed some inconsistencies with research modifiers and ministers.
- Fixed a ctd when invading denmark.
- Fixed a ctd with blitzing with multiple units selected.
- Fixed two other CTD's.
- Misc minor interface glitches fixed.

AI Fixes

- Tweaked naval forces positioning, and improved ship-preserving ai.
- AI should no longer base most of its fleets at sea when at peace.
- Poland is now much more extremely likely to join the allies if germany is a threat.
- Italy will now send slightly less troops to support the Germans.
- UK will no longer send expeditionary forces to France if they have a front somewhere.
- In rare cases the Front AI could replace the leaders of exp. forces. This should now be fixed.
- Garrison AI will now strategically redeploy divisions if that is faster and it has enough redeployment capacity.
- AI should no longer share techs that deactivate other techs.
- Front AI now strat. redeploys if the distances are great.
- Front/Garrison troop balance algorithm tweaked again to handle strat. redeployment.
- Newly created or redeployed AI air units should no longer be braindead.
- AI files with influence lists added for Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and the Commonwealth minors.
- Tweaked the AI events for the stalemate in China.
- Garrison AI should now be smarter when transporting the AI.
- All AI files now correctly use the relative build scheme.
- Made the AI a bit more reluctant to commit low org units into battle.
- AI should now always send its tactical bombers to war zones and AI air units should never go braindead anymore.
- Fixed yet another AI problem related to strategic redeployment.
- Fixed a bug in the world market AI.
- AI given a higher redeployment capacity than human players.
- Fixed a problem with AI fronts dissolving due to temporary infrastructure reduction below 33%.
- Fixed a problem with AI fronts dissolving on refresh because the Garrison AI started redeploying front units.
- AI countries military controlled by human players will no longer send exp.
- AI countries should now receive smaller sized exp. force units from other AI's. (Easier for it to handle since it can't split them afterwards.)
- AI leader managers should now only assign leader to their own forces, including those on loan to other countries.
- Fixed a problem with AI strategically redeploying divisions to expeditionary forces.
- Strategic bombing AI is now a bit smarter when it comes to where to target bombings.
- The AI will now use the nukes it has researched.
- Hardcoded unique diplo AI behaviour now ceases if a nation is puppeted. (Only affects the majors).
- Changed the research settings in "".
- Poland is now much less likely to accept territorial demands.
- Improved Garrison <-> Front troop allocation algorithms.
- Adjusted Italian overseas garrison priorities.
- Puppets of someone else now never give in to territorial demands.
- Communist China should now never give in to territorial demands.
- Tweaked China's garrison preferences.
- Japan should now switch to a more passive stance against China when enough provinces are conquered.
- Nationalist Spain should now be a bit less fascist after the "Fascist Nation" event.
- Added diplomatic influence lists to countries with unique AI files.
- Updated the Diplo AI to use the influence lists correctly.
- Tweaked some other Diplo AI behaviour slightly
- Fixed a problem with transport requests that prevented many nations from reinforcing areas overseas properly.
- Landlocked nations should no longer build transports under any circumstances.
- Fixed a problem that made countries send too large exp. forces, weakening themselves too much.

Modding Support

- Exported new AI variables for overseas garrisoning.
- Exported variables to the ai-preferences which allows influencing seazone placement for navies.
- Added five new triggers to check on a nations oil, rubber, steel, coal and supplies.
- You can now define "when = province" in the add_division command to make it deployed directly into a province.
- Added an event trigger to check if a province has a garrision of a given size from country x or any country.
- Added a new event command. (type = convoy which = [startprov] value = [endprov] when = [resource_bits] 1=oil, 2=steel, 4=coal, 8=rubber, 16=supplies)
- Fixed the "industry" event command
- Added new event triggers to check for how much vp, national procs or ic a nation have lost.
- Events can now be set as "persistent" which means they can be triggered several times. (ie, they are not set into "eventhistory".)
- Exported a new AI variable for setting Front passivity against certain countries.

Scenario Setup & Events

- Tweaked the manpower value in lots of provinces. The greatest effect is the massive increase for the USSR, the Chinas, Japan and Turkey.
- Added events for Japan pressuring Siam into either joining the Axis (if Japan is Axis), or declaring war on the UK.
- Gave China two infantry techs and two land doctrine techs.
- Gave China "Synthetic Oil Plants" tech.
- Tweaked the trigger for the communist coup in Republican Spain.
- China given a lot of dissent in all scenarios.
- Chinese IC's overhauled.
- The Chinese states now have the same national provinces. The claim on Tibet was removed, but Manchuria was added.
- Deleted the sea plane tenders "Zmaji" and "Albatross" - they were not aircraft carriers.
- Reduced the effects of the "Government nationalizes private sector" event.
- Fixed speed caps for "Basic Heavy Tank 70mm".
- Revised the list of finnish ministers.
- The USSR officer purges no longer decrease dissent.
- Partisan Revolt events removed.
- Reduced the effects of the "Parlamentiary Scandal" event
- Petsamo no longer ceded to Russia in the "End of the Finnish Winter War".
- Added missing tech prereqs for the minors in the 1939 scenario.
- 1941 German Naval OOB slightly revised.
- Vichy now a puppet of Germany in the 1941 scenario.
- Struck tech 7901, "Towed Missile Pods". It didn't do anything and the concept is doubtful, but it does leave the level empty.
- Made CHC a bit less communist to make them more hesitant to join the Comintern, unrealistic as it is.
- Doled out a couple of diplomats to various countries in the 1939 scenario.
- Tweaked the trigger of event 2902 (Annexation of Albania)
- Tweaked "The Bitter Peace" events.
- Updated the italian model setup for land and air units in the 1941 scenario.
- Added some technologies to germany and soviet in the 1941 scenario.
- Revised alot of leader and minister files, as well as added photos to them.
- Sinkiang reduced in size (dropped Kwantung and Kwangsi) and made at peace with Communist and Nationalist China.
- Japan will no longer care much about Sinkiang.
- Japan should now usually claim the entirety of French Indochine when Vichy is created.
- Upgraded a bunch of Nat. Chinese militia divisions to infantry to bolster chances against Japan.
- Expanded the trigger for the "Liberation of France" event.
- The "nuclear_carrier" event command should now work correctly (its effect was switched with the defunct "missile_carrier" event command).
- Linked in "Telemetric Guidance" (Electronics) and "Catalytic Polymerisation" (Industry) into the Nuclear tech tree to delay it a bit.
- Gave Manchukuo the same rudimentary techs as China.
- Japanese militia divisions upgraded to infantry in the 1936 scenario.
- Fixed the owner/control status of many provinces in the 1941 scenario. E.g. France is no longer owned by Germany.
- Updated the Japanese 1936 naval OOB with some submarines.
- Fixed the tech prereqs of all countries in the 1941 scenario.
- Qiqihar and Hohhot given infrastructure 34 to prevent strange front fragmentation in that area.
- Formosa added to Chinese national provinces
- Removed the unhistorical rubber sources in China.
- Rerouted an Italian convoy from Obbia to Mogadishu in the 1936 scenario. Might help a bit against Ethiopia.
- Further revisions to the unitnames database were done.
- Added loads of techs to a bunch of countries, mainly in Latin America.
- Fixed some problems with the "End of Czecho-Slovakia" event and alliances.
- The "Unholy Alliance" outcomes of the M-R Pact now also leads to Soviet claims in the Balkans.
- Added some initial and sufficient trade deals for Japan in the 1936 scenario.

and plenty more...

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