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'Chaser' - Weapon Details & Screens

by Thomas on Feb. 21, 2003 @ 8:11 a.m. PST

As players progress through the gripping storyline of Chaser, they will be able to pick up a huge variety of either modern-day weapons or prototypes that may be used in the near future. All weapons featured in Chaser benefit from significant research, detailed animation and the custom built game engines ability to handle metallic objects and reflective surfaces to create a benchmark experience in gameplay.

As a testimony to the phenomenal detail which has gone into the creation of Chaser, players looking to pick up a dead enemies weapon will only have the ammunition available within the weapon at the time and not a full cartridge as appears within less detailed games within the genre. Therefore, should a player kill an enemy when they have fired all but one bullet from their weapon, then the player will only be able to pick up one bullet. This adds a truly unique tactical dimension to the gameplay within Chaser and increases the level of tension in gunfights as ammunition becomes a rare commodity.

In addition, some of the 20 weapons featured in Chaser are:

Ingram M 10: Fully-automatic 9mm weapon with a very high rate of fire, but with high recoil which limits accuracy.
Calico MX 950: A 9mm submachine gun with a high magazine capacity able to hold 50 rounds.

Beretta M 12: Submachine gun it's weight (3kg) and lack of recoil make this incredibly an incredibly accurate weapon.

Heckler & Koch G 11: The high capacity 50-round magazine holds caseless, high penetration micro-calibre ammunition in this super-modern weapon.

FA-MAS: The notoriously effective assault rifle with a short, easy to handle "bull-pup" design.

AKS 74UN: A world-famous weapon from the Kalashnikov family of assault rifles, tremendously reliable and capable of devastating effect on its target.

Colt M4 (commando): Featuring a short barrel and telescopic sliding butt-stock, it's a deadly accurate and highly efficient weapon.

Winchester DB automatic: A newly developed semi-automatic attack shotgun with dual barrels. It also has a special firing mode allowing it to fire from both barrels simultaneously, thus doubling it's already high take-down capability.

GDL2B: This 60mm calibre mortar has two modes: detonation on impact or the so-called sleeping mode which only detontates when an enemy comes within two metres of the mortar. The mortar flies three metres into the air and explodes to cause maximum damage and fatalities.

OICW: An assault rifle using electro-magnetic energy to fire bullets enabling the rounds to travel at up to 1,700 metres per second.

M87R: A heavy-duty sniper rifle that can successfully hit an object the size of a human head from a distance of 1,000 metres.

VAL: This self-loading sniper rifle with phenomenal accuracy and reliability as well as its absolute silence which is achieved through the integration of a powerful silencer and the use of special subsonic 9x39 ammunition.

TAFF 20: A four-barrelled cannon designed to destroy light-armoured targets which can destroy anything within its reach as the 20mm rounds hit their mark.

FRAG-HE hand grenade: Unique in that it spreads deadly shrapnel over a vast 20 metre area and a pressure wave over an area of five metres.

Chaser will be released in the UK in Q2 2003 on PC CD Rom with an ELSPA rating of 15+.

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