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'American Conquest' Tournament Begins Today - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 21, 2003 @ 2:50 p.m. PST

CDV Software today announced that their reenactment of the American Revolution has officially begun, as simulated in their upcoming "American Conquest," a historical real-time strategy title devoted to the quest for the New World. This latest in RTS features a dozen playable nations and beautiful art and animation lauded by GameSpot as "shockingly good and detailed." Read more for some nifty screens ...

Expected to draw more than 4,000 fans worldwide, the tournament will recreate the battle for the Americas and the rivalry between the United States and the United Kingdom.

"American Conquest" War of Independence will run on both sides of the Atlantic between February 21st and May 15th of 2003, culminating in a Los Angeles final at Electronic Entertainment Expo.

About The "American Conquest" Tournament

The free-for-all tournament will be conducted via Internet from February 21st to April 6th. The best 24 players from the United States will battle it out in the second round for the regional champion and runner-up positions starting April 7th.

A similar tournament will run concurrently in the United Kingdom. Once the best players from overseas have been declared, the two continents will go head to head in a Los Angeles final taking place between May 12th and May 15th. Non-US and non-UK players will be included in a "Rest of The World" tournament, and an assortment of prizes will be awarded to the winners.

The European and American hopefuls will win a three-day trip to the finals in LA, including passes to E3. In addition to claiming victory for their country, the winner of the final itself will collect an array of prizes.

More information about the tournament is available at the official website.

About "American Conquest"

In the year 1492, Christopher Columbus traveled to America and sparked 300 years of heated battles for land, riches and freedom. In eight campaigns spanning more than 40 missions, players delve into epic real-time battles with up to 16,000 soldiers. Discover new technologies, improved fighting units and the dangerous world of diplomacy with "American Conquest."

Features for "American Conquest" include:

  • Over 300 years of American history - from the 15th to 18th centuries.
  • 12 playable nations: Britain, Spain, France, Aztec, Inca, Maya, Algonquin, Huron, Delaware, Pueblo, Iroquois, and the future United States.
  • Costumes, architecture, and game balance based on true-to-life historical data.
  • Up to 16,000 units on the map to allow staging of grandiose battles.
  • More than 40 missions in eight thrilling campaigns, including Pizarro's Expedition, the War of Tecumseh, the Seven Years War, the American War of
  • Up to seven players over LAN or the Internet with multiplayer modes that include Deathmatch, Historical Battles, Battle for America, and automated Internet championships via global rating system.

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