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'Blaster' Available From Friday

by Thomas on Feb. 26, 2003 @ 3:05 a.m. PST

Mad Catz Inc. today announced the launch of the Mad Catz Blaster, the first available light gun for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft in the UK. The Blaster is the #1 selling light gun for Xbox in the US. Set for release on February 28th, the Mad Catz Blaster will retail at £29.99 and will be available for the eagerly anticipated launch of SEGA's "The House of the Dead III.

Mad Catz, SEGA®, and Microsoft co-developed the Mad Catz Blaster for "The House of the Dead III" in an attempt to define the light gun protocol for Xbox. Mad Catz' Blaster identifies a better way to transmit data from the light gun, the television and the Xbox and takes full advantage of the powerful capabilities of Xbox. This makes the gun more accurate and therefore enhances the gamers' experience and interaction within the game.

The Blaster incorporates three firing modes, "Auto", "Burst", and "Shotgun" and an auto-reload function that gives players unlimited ammunition for an enhanced gaming experience. "Auto" allows players to shoot 360 rounds per minute, similar to a fully automatic weapon. "Burst" allows players to fire three rounds per second with a single trigger pull. "Shotgun" is a new feature exclusive to Mad Catz' Blaster and allows five rounds to be fired in a star-like pattern on and around the target point. This enables a larger surface area to be blasted with one trigger pull. Other features include rubberized grips for increased comfort and high precision optics, making the Blaster the most accurate gun available.

Mike Sale, Director of Sales for Mad Catz Europe Ltd., commented, " Due to the cooperative development between Sega and Microsoft, we feel that the Blaster is the best light gun for Xbox and we are anticipating a fantastic reception. Our cutting edge development and design team have incorporated new generation technology with an innovative design, to once again prove that Mad Catz is at the forefront of the peripherals market."

Features Roundup:

Exclusive "Shotgun" mode

Intense vibration kickback


Works with all light gun-compatible Xbox games

Includes integrated D-pad and reload button

Autofire and Automatic Reload

Memory Card Expansion Bay

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