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'A Sound Of Thunder' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 26, 2003 @ 12:13 p.m. PST

Bam Ent. is hard at work on their cross platform title "A Sound Of Thunder" based on Ray Bradbury's classic story (and also upcoming movie). Its all about hunting dinosaur's Jurrasic Park style. Don’t change anything in the past, don’t leave anything behind and don’t bring anything back. Unfortunately someone screwed up… Today we have some new PS2/Xbox screens for you to njoy!

PlayStation 2

The year is 2038 and time-travel has been invented, but people quickly find out that not all inventions are a good idea. A mysterious group known as the ‘Global Entropy’ is creating havoc in Chicago. Their plan is simple, return to the prehistoric past and completely destroy the present timeline. It seems to be working…Chicago is now a menagerie of horrifying hybrid creatures mutated dinosaurs, and vicious plant life.

As the worlds only hope, you must fight your way across the city to the time portal, go back in time and neutralize the cultists’ plan to deflect the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

A Sound of Thunder PlayStation 2/Xbox is inspired by the Ray Bradbury classic story of time travel.

Your job is to defend the past to save the future…and time is NOT on your side.

Key Features

  • Inspired by the classic Ray Bradbury story of the same name
  • Take on the role of Travis Ryer and battle, befriend and interact with multiple characters, mutants and dinosaurs.
  • Time travel gameplay – player chooses the outcome on how the past links to the future and vice versa with time-affected action puzzles. Race back in time to try and intercept the cultists before they change the course of history, find out what they are planning and take action…
  • Nine challenging missions featured in mutated modern day environments and prehistoric worlds such as jungles, swamps, canyons and cave systems
  • 11 weapons including machine guns, sniper rifles, machete’s, baseball bats, ION guns and the ultimate weapon, the disruptor, which allows enemies to be frozen in cylinders of lapsed time
  • Evil flying creatures, heavily armed crazy cultists and grotesquely mutated beasts. Go blasting in gung-ho or use stealth measures to complete your objectives
  • From the developers of the recent hit “The Thing”
  • Licensed soundtrack from top artists


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