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'Anarchy Online' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 26, 2003 @ 1:25 p.m. PST

Funcom has released a new patch for their MMORPG Anarchy Online bringing your retail copy to v14.7.10. The patch improves the "invisible NPC" situation, gives Path-finding functionality a thorough quality upgrade, fixes a text rendering problem with nVIDIA 40.72 drivers and more. Read more for detailed fix list and download links ...

Get the Anarchy Online v14.7.8-v14.7.10 patch off Worthplaying (1.5mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Game system Changes

  • Path-finding functionality has been given a thorough quality upgrade. The player "/follow" command is still as it was, but a quality upgrade will be added later. The changes made to path-finding will be visible to players in the following ways:
  • Pets and NPCs will find better paths toward their movement-target, be it in follow or attack mode.
  • Pets and NPCs will be less stuck in geometry.
  • Pets and NPCs will jump in order to avoid furniture that blocks their path.
  • Pets will be less likely to fall off bridges and narrow ledges.
  • Pets and NPCs will understand if they get really stuck and use another path.
  • Pets and NPCs will use more balanced time to get to their target due to less need for teleporting.
  • Pets and NPCs will always move to a place with line of sight to their target before attacking.
  • Client and server will have more synchronized pet and NPC positions than earlier.
  • NPCs will in most cases be able to attack across low furniture.
  • Movement with pets through indoor areas will be possible to do faster. NPCs will however also be smarter when following you.
  • The "invisible NPC" situation is improved.
  • Organisation problem with elections solved. This should help the leaders who repeatedly get removed from their own organisation when offline.
  • When leaving an organisation, your towers should now be properly removed.

NPC changes

  • Some creatures in all training grounds likely to be in possession of armour pieces (be it by wearing them or having swallowed them) now have a fair chance of dropping some of those.
  • A new vendor - the Secondhand Peddler - has set up shop in the Training grounds.
  • We have decided to significantly increase the XP from killing all NPCs of levels 201 and up to make them more attractive prey. Happy hunting!
  • Hermit Sho-Li will now give out his bonus reward to all Martial Artists completing a mission for him. Others will still get the XP and cash.

World changes

  • Reclaim Terminals removed from training grounds.
  • The newbie shop in the training grounds has been cleaned up. If you miss any items you could find there earlier you can go talk to the Secondhand Peddler about it.
  • A change has been made to the Temple of Three Winds. If you are over level 70 and are warped into the dungeon, during the 30 seconds before you are kicked out, you will be stunned. This is to fix a problem where certain high level players were entering the dungeon and killing monsters in the period before they were ejected.

Trade skill changes

  • Given the proper tool it's now possible to transform a Notum Nugget into a Notum Fragment.
  • The alternative way of making several plate armour types has now been activated.

Technical changes

  • Text should now be rendered properly with nVIDIA 40.72 drivers under Win98 and WinME, and no longer be "blocky".
  • We have implemented a system for sending disconnection info to us when the game client re-connects to the game servers. You will get a pop-up box about this the first time you start the game.

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