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EverQuest Online Adventures

Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Release Date: Feb. 11, 2003 (US), Oct. 24, 2003 (EU)

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'EverQuest Online Adventures' - Additional Servers

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2003 @ 11:15 a.m. PST

EverQuest Online Adventures is an MMORPG, allowing PS2 owners to experience an open-ended, persistent virtual world, filled with thousands of other players.

"EverQuest Online Adventures is already bringing thousands of people into the amazing online world of EverQuest and giving them the adventure of a lifetime," said Michael Lustenberger, director of product marketing for Sony Online Entertainment. "By adding another server, new players have the opportunity to get in at the ground floor and see what everyone is talking about as they begin unique adventures with a world full of new friends."

EverQuest Online Adventures includes a free 30-day trial and gives players what they've been looking for with non-stop action, the opportunity to explore an exciting new land, a world of fun and interesting people to meet and play with, quests, combat and more. The game has a suggested retail price of $49.99, which includes a 30-day free trial to the game's online world, and all that it has to offer. Additionally, EverQuest Online Adventures carries a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 per person for continuing access to the game world. Players can subscribe for additional months using a credit card, or by purchasing EverQuest Online Adventures Game Cards, which open the world of Norrath to PlayStation 2 owners that choose not to subscribe with a credit card.

About EverQuest Online Adventures

EverQuest Online Adventures gives you the power to unleash the unique adventurer within and personalize your in-game character from 9 races, 14 player character classes, and a number of hairstyles and facial characteristics. As you progress in the game completing challenging and thrilling quests, interacting with new friends, and discovering powerful items that you've only dreamed about, your character grows and develops as the world evolves. EverQuest Online Adventures also features:

  • Action is always only a few steps away with fast and tactically rich combat with special abilities and spells for each character
  • Thousands of monsters from lowly rats to immense dragons each posing a unique challenge for the player
  • An enormous game world offering gamers more than 320 square miles to explore
  • A strong storyline and universe filled with compelling quests and intriguing subplots that will pull you into the story and allow you to choose what comes next
  • Thousands of non-player characters with which to interact
  • Hundreds of spells and special abilities that give your character the unique skills you need to be a hero
  • Thousands of powerful items to discover, rewarding those who have what it takes to finish epic quests and defeat the mightiest foes
  • Support for dial-up and broadband, with seamless gameplay on a 56K modem


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