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Xicat Brings 'Motor Trend Presents Lotus Challenge' To NGC/PC

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2003 @ 2:19 p.m. PST

Xicat Interactive announces the May 2003 release of Motor Trend Presents Lotus Challenge for GameCube and PC. With the March 18 release for the Xbox, Lotus Challenge will excite race game lovers with superior graphics, challenging courses and fast-paced action. Read more for details ...

"Lotus Challenge for Xbox is being very well received and is chalking up good reviews,” said Jaimee Wolf, CEO of Xicat Interactive. “Motor Trend Presents Lotus Challenge for GameCube and PC CD-ROM is already garnering huge interest in the marketplace and enjoying good previews," said Wolf.

Motor Trend Presents Lotus Challenge marries outstanding graphics, varied gameplay, and intense realism to create a complete driving experience. With these releases on GameCube and PC, gamers on nearly all of the next-gen formats will enjoy this one-of-a-kind title.

"At Kuju, we've worked extremely closely with Lotus to bring the thrill of driving these amazing cars to both GC and PC owners. We believe that the experience of Motor Trend Presents Lotus Challenge is the next best thing to sitting behind the wheel of one of these incredibly stylish and powerful sportscars," said Ian Baverstock, business development director for Kuju Entertainment.

Motor Trend Presents Lotus Challenge features:

  • Five game modes: collection, championship, single play, multi-player and challenge, which features a story line with races, stunts and missions.
  • 38 licensed Lotus cars including new models, famous classics and concept cars.
  • 28 different races and 22 different stunts and challenges.
  • New controller system offers a more realistic driving experience.
  • The first driving game to feature realistic vehicle damage.
  • Soundtrack by cutting-edge electronica/breakbeat artist Hybrid.

Xicat Interactive maintains its incredible velocity with the May 2003 release of Motor Trend Presents Lotus Challenge on Nintendo Gamecube and PC.

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