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'Die Hard: Vendetta' (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 28, 2003 @ 2:22 a.m. PST

Die Hard: Vendetta features an original plot set a few years after the latest film, Die Hard: With A Vengeance. Assuming the role of John McClane, players embark on an explosive new mission featuring as much intrigue, suspense, stealth and surprises as any of the Die Hard movies. Players battle through several distinct locations - including a return to the original Nakatomi Plaza, as well as a host of unique and inventive set pieces designed to bring the Die Hard world vividly to life. Todya we serve up 18 brand new screens, njoy!

The PlayStation 2 version of Die Hard: Vendetta will feature the much awaited multiplayer option with two to four players able to take part in the intense action. Players will be able to incarnate up to 100 different characters, and play in 14 areas and a number of exciting game modes like "King of the Hill", "Deathmatch" and several others. New and limitedly available weapons from the single player game are added to the multiplayer mode, including Boxing Gloves, Minigun and the Paintball gun.

"We are extremely excited by Die Hard:Vendetta for the PlayStation 2, incorporating the multiplayer option as well as other features, and are sure that players will be too ," says Foo Katan, CEO, Bits Studios. "We aim to ensure that our products excel in quality and gameplay, irrespective of platform and trust that we will fulfill this goal with this version of Die HardTM:Vendetta."

Dominique Cor, CEO, NDA Productions, says "At NDA, we are very proud of bringing this amazing PlayStation 2 game to market. NDA Productions' ambition is to find the greatest development studios to create tomorrow's best sellers. Further, we ensure that we also pay attention to the players' feedback, and consequently the PS2 version will incorporate new features as the multiplayer option and other improvements in the game."

Die Hard: Vendetta will be available later this year on PlayStation® 2.

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