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'Lost Kingdoms II' (NGC) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 28, 2003 @ 10:32 a.m. PST

The sequel to the critically acclaimed RPG for the GameCube, Lost Kingdoms II takes the immersive Real Time Action/RPG gaming experience to the next level with an expanded game world, new cards and exciting perils to face. Set 200 years after the events of the original Lost Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Argwyll is on the brink of destruction. All hope lies in the hands of a new heroine Tara. Abandoned as a child and raised by a gang of thieves, Tara must use the force of her magical Runestone and summon Guardian Creatures to battle the invading evil force, uncover its terrible origins and save the kingdom. Read more for the first few screens ...

Features :

  • Enhanced Card-Based System: Gamers collect and power up over 200 Guardian Creature Cards including 100 new cards that can be used to battle more than 200 enemies in real time. Creatures range from fighting skeletons and fire-breathing dragons to new mechanized beasts—each with unique attack moves.
  • Unlimited Battle Areas and Expanded RPG Gameplay: Players can use cards to battle enemies anywhere in an environment. A new Card Transformational Ability allows gamers to transform into creatures and use their abilities to launch multiple methods of power attacks, explore environments or overcome obstacles. In addition, each quest features new elements such as hidden quests, puzzles and magical items to collect. Players may also choose which quests they wish to embark on and trade collected items with other characters.
  • New, Magical RPG Adventure: The game challenges players to embark on an all-new quest to save the Kingdom of Argwyll from doom. Through over 30 hours of gameplay, players become immersed in a fantasy adventure as they journey through 25 3D worlds filled with forests, mountains and fortresses. Through their journey, players discover secret areas, interact with characters and unravel the mystery that threatens to destroy the kingdom.
  • Multiple Modes of Play: In addition to single player Story Mode, players can pit their card collection against friend’s and battle to the finish in head-to-head two-player Versus Mode.

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