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GarageGames Announces Its Showcase Of Games For GDC

by Rainier on Feb. 28, 2003 @ 5:28 p.m. PST

GarageGames today announced its Game Developer's Conference (GDC) showcase of games. The company plans to premiere ThinkTanks a cartoon styled tank game from BraveTree Productions, preview a new release of Orbz with a single player mode from 21-6 Productions and display the highly acclaimed Marble Blast from GarageGames and Monster Studios.

All the titles that GarageGames will show at GDC are built on the Torque Game Engine. GarageGames will have all these games showing in their booth (#940) along with tech demos of Tennis Critters from Nerd Riot Games, Realm Wars the massively multi-player GarageGames community project and Idryonis Studios' Cyberfuge: Second Battalion.

GarageGames will be demonstrating a custom version of Marble Blast in the nVIDIA booth (#1108), designed to showcase the cutting edge rendering capabilities of nVIDIA's latest hardware and Cg programming language. The demo shows off dot3 bumpmapping, per pixel specular lighting, and translucent refraction with dynamic cubic environment mapping.

"GarageGames is known for our great technology and a vibrant independent developer community and that is very rewarding, but bringing independently developed games to market that are addictive and fun to play is what we're all about," comments Jeff Tunnell, President of GarageGames.

ThinkTanks - BraveTree Productions

GarageGames announced today that it will publish "ThinkTanks," a single and multi-player cartoon styled tank game, from BraveTree Productions. ThinkTanks is a power-up based tank combat game with a simplified play mechanic, meant to appeal to the casual gamer. Reminiscent of the simple fun of Atari “Combat,” only in a 3d environment. Easy to learn but hard to master, ThinkTanks is designed to provide an enjoyable gaming experience for players of all ages and skill levels.

“This game is the game that I have always wanted to play,” says Joe Maruschak, BraveTree Creative Director, “The game play is deep enough that you can play for hours and not get bored with it but easy enough to learn that even a player new to online gaming can get in there and have a blast.”

ThinkTanks are small armored vehicles that contain the brains of soldiers that were stolen by an alien race and placed in reinforced glass jars on top of the tank turrets. In arenas constructed to resemble earth, the aliens have pitted the disembodied soldiers against each other for their amusement.

The game will feature 3 tank types with different performance attributes and weapon loadouts. There will be no user end configuration of the tank vehicles. Weapon power-ups include super-speedy projectiles, bouncing projectiles, and a deadly area effect weapon.

The game will have three different level types that reflect three different gameplay styles. The rock strewn green levels are for beginner players and will have an open feel that will allow player to become acclimated to handling of the ThinkTanks. The dark and foggy in blue levels will have a slower, more deliberate play style, reminiscent of hide and seek. The red levels will be frantic and have deadly volcanos that spew lava rocks, creating increased danger for the players and requiring more skill to master.

The game will have team battle modes in addition to individual battle matches. Additionally, the game will feature AI ‘bots’, that will allow players to experience all ThinkTanks game types as a single player game.

"We've been looking forward to announcing this game for some time.” comments Jeff Tunnell, “the quality of the gameplay combined with the humorous cartoon landscape is incredibly fun. This is exactly the kind of game we had in mind when we created the GarageGames Blast line.”

Orbz - 21-6 Productions

"The reaction to Orbz has been extremely positive since it's launch in December, so much so that we are developing an upgrade version with the most requested features including; single-player challenges, Botz (computer opponents), new courses, and Macintosh and Linux support.", comments Justin Mette, President of 21-6 Productions. Justin will be on hand at GDC to demonstrate this next generation of the action-arcade
title, Orbz.

Tennis Critters -Nerd Riot Games

Tennis Critters from Nerd Riot Games, follows in the tradition of critter driven. “Most importantly, it can be played with up to four players on a single computer or over the internet,” said Doyoon Kim, founder of Nerd Riot Games, “There have been numerous tennis games available for the consoles over the years, but computer tennis games, especially ones with chipmunks, have been few and far between on Windows, Mac and Linux.”

Marble Blast – GarageGames & Monster Studios
Cyberfuge: Second Battalion - Idryonis Studios
Realm Wars - GarageGames

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