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Purge Online

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Online Multiplayer

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'Purge Online' - Multiplayer Beta Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 28, 2003 @ 8:58 p.m. PST

Get the Purge Online v1.3.8 FULL beta off Worthplaying (114mb)

Get the Purge Online v1.3.7 -> v1.3.8 patch off Worthplaying (26mb)

Get the Purge Online v1.3.8 patch off Worthplaying (31mb)

upgrades any previous Purge Online version

Purge Open Beta 1.3.8 is the largest upgrade to the Purge Open Beta. This new version makes major changes to Purge. It incorporates new features requested by players and fixes many bugs. Placeholder art and visual effects have all been replaced with final artwork. Various gameplay modifications have been made including final weapons, better character balance, and complete redesigns of the Fighter's and Cyborg's construction skills. Server adminstrators also have a new server interface. Also, players can now stably save their Experience Points on the server (if the server is playing the "Persistant" Battle Mode).

Build Notes

[Engine & Tech]

  • Fixed bad explosion math. Explosions now correctly take a model's dimension when calculating splash damage.
  • 5% reduced network packets during combat.
  • Fixed various extraneous network packets, slightly reducing ping spikes during respawns.
  • Fixed a rare network situation that would randomly kick players.
  • Fixed forced switching classes not updating the client with the correct skills.

[Battle Modes]

  • Fixed another memory leak in the Persistence Battle Mode (saving XP in the server).
  • Winning a match only gives 4000 XP instead of 10000 XP.
  • General XP reduction and reworking to lean towards teamwork instead of solo rushes.


  • Strength damage bonus reduced by 1/3.


  • Fixed "up" jumppad issues in Heigra.
  • Fixed various level props not to block projectiles.
  • Several minor sound changes i.e. sound volume of the burning fire sound is reduced.
  • Various new map textures.
  • Fixed various textures surface properties i.e. in Hegira "wood" was reporting back "stone".


  • New Dedicated Server interface.
  • Fixed Dedicated Server not reporting player levels.
  • Fixed Dedicated Server reporting XP differently than players see in game.
  • Fixed reinforcements calculated wrong on the Host Game screen.
  • Fixed Dedicated Server not reporting itself as dedicated to the "Server Info" tab.
  • Added optional Auto-Balancing.

[General FX]

  • Improved bullet impacts.


  • Reduced the radius of Repair/Demolish to 8.3 feet.
  • New Repair/Demolish sound and visual effects.
  • Ion Barriers have new sounds.
  • Ion Barriers now have a "warning" activation delay reducing "surprise frags".
  • Ion Barriers now have 10 Armor Class.
  • Nano Generator have new sounds.
  • New Nano Generator model and effects. Animated and added new 3D model FXs.
  • Plasma Rifle clip size is now 99.
  • New pain sound.


  • Reduced the radius of Mend/Break to 8.3 feet.
  • New Mend/Break sound and visual effects.
  • Wards now have a "warning" activation delay reducing "surprise frags".
  • Wards now have 10 Armor Class.
  • Wards now have a more "organic" shield.
  • New Fireball impacts.
  • New alt-fire Frostbolt attack.


  • New Mace Weapon.
  • Defender timings redone to faster swings and slow shield ammo drain.
  • Shrines now heal and repair instead of giving buffs.
  • Shrines have now sound.
  • Shrines now have visible damage skins.
  • New Shrine particle effects.
  • New Defender animations give it less delay and uses less mana in shield mode.
  • Snakeblade is no longer a frost/freeze weapon.
  • Heartbeat sound added to Snakeblade during lock-on.
  • Primary Wraith Axe damage reduced by 50% (before any attribute bonuses).
  • New pain sounds.


  • PPS Combat Shotgun has a new texture.
  • Augment Station is now the Charge Station. It now heals and repairs instead of giving buffs.
  • Augment Station now has visible damage skins.
  • New Station particle effects.
  • SNP Minigun has a faster visual spin speed.
  • SCRUB has a 60% increase in accuracy during homing.
  • Beep sound added to SCRUBs during lock-on.


  • Chemical Thrower is now a frost/freeze weapon.
  • Effects on the Chemical Thrower completely redone to reduce frame drop.
  • Chemical Thrower ammo burden reduced by 1/3.
  • Fixed Anti-Matter Nuke texture to work with Nightvision.
  • New Anti-Matter Nuke FX with red flashing light on top.


  • Position tweak of Monk POV hand position to block the view less.


  • Fixed class selection "heads" transparency problem.
  • Radar now works correctly with Nightvision (Order) or Extravision (Chosen).
  • Fixed Nightvision and Extravision textures to work in 16-bit color.
  • New Dexterity buff HUD icon.
  • New Agility buff HUD icon.
  • New UI backgrounds for most menus.


This is a beta, not a demo. There are bugs. You cannot run the dedicated server and client on the same computer without horrible CPU delays and lag. Don't do it. Also, it is very important server bandwidth settings are correct. If they set higher than the server's actual upload bandwidth, the game will lag very badly with major lost packets.


There will be constant patches. That is why it is called a beta. If there were no bugs, Purge would have gone gold already.

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