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'AquaMark 3' Benchmark Announced

by Thomas on Feb. 3, 2003 @ 4:26 a.m. PST

Tired of those boring old Quake 3 benchmarks? Here's one based on AquaNox 2's engine... JoWooD Productions AG today announced that a subsidiary of the publisher, Massive Development, will publish a successor to its 3D benchmark program AquaMark 2.3 during this financial quarter. AquaMark 3 will be a fully DirectX 9-capable cutting-edge benchmark based on Massive Development's krass engine which also powers AquaNox 2: Revelation.

The AquaMark 3 benchmark allows users to observe the new graphical techniques made possible by DirectX 9 and determine the performance of these features in a real world application.

Commenting on this development, Alexander Jorias, Managing Director of Massive Development said: "AquaMark 3 has reached a development stage and includes features which facilitate worldwide professional benchmark tests with DirectX 9. In addition, we believe it is now user-friendly enough to be implemented by end users as well."

Aquamark 3 will be available for public download in March.

JoWooD Productions UK LTD. of Bushey, Hertfordshire, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Austria-based JoWooD productions Software AG, a publicly traded company on the Vienna Stock Exchange, which is rapidly establishing itself as a leading force in the video games industry. Its strategy is to identify develop and publish internationally competitive, high-quality entertainment software for all existing next-generation gaming platforms. JoWooD Productions has in-house development facilities in Vienna and Ebensee, Austria and a fast growing roster of exceptional subsidiary studios, including Wings Simulations and Massive Development in Germany.

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