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'Superstar Rivals' Fame Spreads Far And Wide

by Thomas on Feb. 3, 2003 @ 6:22 a.m. PST

TV show success and Claire's Accessories deal bolsters Vivendi Kids' stunning fame game... With Pop Stars: The Rivals and the subsequent success of Girls Aloud and One True Voice, Vivendi Kids has announced a fresh marketing push for its similarly themed Superstar Rivals title for PC - including an exclusive cross-promotion deal with leading retail chain Claire's Accessories.

Superstar Rivals is a stunning recreation of the 'Make it Big' basis of shows such as Pop Stars, Pop Stars: The Rivals, Fame Academy and the like. Having created a wannabe pop sensation, the player must guide them through a series of auditions as they chase fame and its riches. Once successful, they must ensure they stay at the top, creating videos, dance routines and choosing their entourage carefully to protect them from the dangers and temptations of life in the fast lane.

With its theme of chasing fame so in vogue, Superstar Rivals has already proved a sales success over the Christmas period. As part of its ongoing promotion of the title, Vivendi Kids is to join forces with Claire's Accessories for a series of online promotions. An exclusive Superstar Rivals link has been featured on the Claire's Accessories site ( since Christmas linking directly to a dedicated site for the game. There have been over 1.5million visitors to the Claire's site during the Christmas week alone, and this has in turn directed traffic to the Vivendi Kids site, with enormous word of mouth generated as a result.

Vivendi Kids is now concentrating on further expanding awareness for the best-selling title, with further exciting announcements to follow imminently.

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