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Armored Assault Shootout: $5,000 Purse!

by Thomas on Feb. 3, 2003 @ 9:24 a.m. PST

The team at iENT is excited with the success of their online tank battles in Armored Assault. In fact, they are so enthusiastic about their growing player base that they are planning to kick off a massive shoot out event for players worldwide. Over the next few months, hundreds of Armored Assault players will be rounding up 4 man platoons and begin training for their shot to win the $5,000 purse that will be given away in their Tank Platoon Dogfight! Read more for details..


Over $5000 to be given away in Tank Platoon Dogfight! Armored Assault, iEntertainment Network’s Premier World War II Tank game will host an online four on four, Tank Platoon fight for great prizes! The winning Team can win $1000 for each man in the Platoon!

Armored Assault continues to get excellent reviews. Two EB customers wrote: FANTASTIC!! The best graphics I've seen in any game in a long time. The missions are well thought out and the training got me up and running in no time.It comes with free online time, but I've really enjoyed the offline missions so far. AWESOME!Great game! Just got it today! If you are looking for an alternative to WWIIOL and Tank battles are your thing, this game is definitely worth a look!

Best Tank Platoon $5000 Contest IENT is running a contest to find the Best Tank Platoon in the community! IENT will run a series of Saturday competition events starting in March to find the best Tank Platoon! IENT will begin to qualify for the semifinals on these Saturdays. Customers will have multiple chances to qualify on Armored Assault.

We will keep winning scores from each month to let folks know they scored enough to be in the Finals. The big playoff match will occur on the weekend of June 28, 2003. IENT will pick a minimum of 12 teams from each month’s qualifying events.

IENT will over small prizes including T-Shirts and small cash prizes for winners if these qualifying events. This match will pit the best 64 teams of four players against each other in double elimination playoffs to find the best three Tank Platoons.

First Prize will be $1000.00 per man in the Tank Platoon. Second Prize will be $200.00 per man in the Tank Platoon. Third Prize will be $100.00 per man in the Tank Platoon. IENT will also offer a $10.00 cash rebate to every purchaser of the Armored Assault Retail product who comes online to play. Each customer gets two months free time when they buy Armored Assault at Retail. When the customer completes his or her online registration, they will be able to ask for their $10.00 rebate to be mailed to them or add one more month to their free online account. This offer will be good until the end of June 2003 for purchasers of Armored Assault at retail. (If the customer cancels his or her account within the first 30 days after registration (during the free period), the $10 rebate will not be honored.) (Each retail box comes with a registration sticker and number, which the player will use to get his or her rebate.) IENT will produce a Starburst Sticker for each retail box with the Contest and the $10 Rebate offer for placement on the retail boxes.

All other rules and qualifications for this contest and rebate offer will be presented on ""

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