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'Outlaw Volleyball' (Xbox) - Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 3, 2003 @ 9:24 a.m. PST

Simon & Schuster Interactive announced today additional details ofits next installment in the Outlaw series of sports games that is being developed by New Jersey-based Hypnotix Inc. "Outlaw Volleyball: Spike orDie" (shipping: June 2003; Rated: "RP" by the ESRB) for Xbox, will feature 10 courts, 16 characters, and will be the first volleyball game on Xbox Live. Read more for download links (and especially chekc out trailer 2)...

Get the Outlaw Volleyball 'Out-takes' trailer off Worthplaying (1min9/10mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Lewis Black who is best known for his commentary on "The Daily Show with John Stewart" will be the announcer for Outlaw Volleyball. This video shows some of the out-takes from our recent voice taping.

Get the Outlaw Volleyball trailer off Worthplaying (2min5/35mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

This is our new trailer complete with all new gameplay and cut-scenes. The music in the video is performed by "Warrior."

Players begin by choosing one of five game modes:

  • Arcade (King of the Hill) - One to two players can compete against eight teams to be the Mac Daddy of volleyball.
  • Tour - Show your volleyball skills on all 10 courts around the country.
  • Exhibition - Want a quickie? Get going fast with a quick game.
  • Tutorials - Learn how to play with yourself with this handy mode. Spikes, diving, and serves are just a few of the skills you'll learn.
  • Drills - Get toned and ready to compete with fun mini-games such as 'Whack-a-mole,' 'Spike Shooting Gallery,' 'Mortal Combat,' 'Breakout,' and many others.


Unlike other games that feature cartoon-like anime teenage girls, 'Outlaw Volleyball' has the hottest, most detailed and rowdy ladies in any sport videogame to date.

Check out these three arresting ladies:

  • Summer - The famous blonde stripper from "Outlaw Golf" reaches for larger balls in 'Outlaw Volleyball'.
  • Harley - Also returning from the links is Harley. Not since '8 Mile' has trailer trash looked this good.
  • Donna Maroni - Straight from the paradise known as Staten Island, Donna is one tough babe.

'Outlaw Volleyball' will also have 13 other characters to choose from for a total of 8 male and 8 female. Additional details on these wacky characters will be announced soon.


Just like in OUTLAW GOLF, a key element to keeping your character's sanity is to beat on someone. This time instead of beating on a caddy, players can choose to beat on any of the two opposing players. And after beating on an opponent, the winner will get their opponent's composure and skill points. This will affect their gameplay during the match.

Fighting controls will be the same as seen in many fighting games. Punching, kicking and basically beating of any sort will be allowed.


Want to be all you can be? Gamers will need to play through mini-games and drills to improve their player's attributes. For example, if you feel your partner doesn't have team spirit, put them through some drills. After successfully completing them, points are rewarded and they can be used to improve attributes such as team work.


'Outlaw Volleyball' will have the most exotic locales seen in any volleyball game. There are 10 courts included in the retail version with additional courts that can be downloaded via Xbox Live.

Some of the courts included in the retail version are: Tar Beach (on the roof of a tenement), Dogville State Penitentiary, Vice Beach, plus courts in sewers, jungles, and many others.


'Outlaw Volleyball' will be the first volleyball game to be on Xbox Live, allowing gamers to compete against others from around the world. Gamers can choose to play with up to 3 other players and compete in online tournaments. Winning teams receive points and are ranked against others from around the world.


'Outlaw Volleyball' will be available in June 2003 for the Xbox.

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