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Groove Armada Provides Soundtrack For 'Rayman 3' Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 4, 2003 @ 11:52 a.m. PST

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc now has the quality music to match the celebrity voices, Pixar-like graphics and engaging story -- Groove Armada's rollicking song 'Madder,' from their just-released album 'Lovebox,' provides the sonic backdrop for the official game trailer and in-game demo. In other news, Raymanzone, the worldwide community for Rayman fans, has launched and is offering a 3-level PC demo -- if you're interested, you can find that at the Rayman Zone web site. Plenty of online goings-on for everyone's favorite limbless superhero. Read more for detailed information ....


Ubi Soft Entertainment and Jive Records today announced that the song "Madder," from GRAMMY-nominated group Groove Armada's critically-acclaimed new album "Lovebox," will provide the sonic signature for the eagerly anticipated game Rayman® 3 Hoodlum Havoc. "Madder" will be featured in a rollicking clip that will serve as the pre-release trailer (available through previous link) and the in-game running demo sequence. The latest installation of the 11 million-plus best-selling hit series finds Rayman, the action hero with helicopter hair and no physical arms or legs to hold him back, fighting heinous Hoodlums and hanging with an irreverent cast of characters in a series of twisted, tripped-out psychedelic 3D worlds.

"Like Rayman himself, Groove Armada has a hip, edgy feel, combined with a healthy dose of fun - and they both get lots of love from critics and fans alike. It's an inspired pairing," said Tony Kee, vice president of marketing for Ubi Soft Entertainment. "'Along with voices from John Leguizamo and Billy West, top-notch production values, an epic story, adrenaline-fueled combat and heavy-duty superpowers, 'Madder' makes Rayman 3 a major contender this spring."

In the sequence, 'Madder,' a rambunctious dub-hop funk-rock tune with vocals from MC M.A.D., thumps as a horde of Rayman's enemies gather. Though menacing, the villains are no match for the limbless hero, who vanquishes them in the air, on land, and in water, drawing on a host of new powers including the Heavy Metal Fist and the Throttle Copter. Available online at, the 97-second clip provides just a hint of the breathtaking graphics, surreal worlds, challenging gameplay, and intense strategic combat that players will enjoy when the game hits shelves.

"Groove Armada plays sold-out shows all over the world; they've sold 1.2 million albums, and their music is in high demand for soundtracks and commercials for the likes of Nike and Mitsubishi," said Julia Lipari, senior vice president for special projects/marketing for Jive Records. "Videogames are the next natural frontier for the band, and we're stoked that they're making their debut in Rayman 3 - it's a trippy, exciting blast of fun, and it complements the music perfectly."


Ubi Soft Entertainment today also unveiled a major online presence celebrating all the funny, bizarre and exciting elements of Rayman's rich universe. The site contains lots of information about the only super hero with helicopter hair and no arms or legs to hold him back - including the history of Rayman, current projects, worlds, hints and tips from the various titles in the 11 million-plus best-selling hit series. Available at, the site will also provide direct access to the forthcoming Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc site.

At Raymanzone, fans of Rayman can enjoy access to exclusive information about Rayman and other familiar characters. They can also meet and chat with other Rayman fanatics in the forums, and download original goodies. The site contains comprehensive information about the Rayman series and behind-the scenes technical and artistic details about the development of the Rayman games. From new fans to hardcore Rayman gamers, Raymanzone offers something special for everyone.

Raymanzone is home to the "Lums Quest," a system that rewards members of the community according to their level of participation. It's simple: by joining the fun on Raymanzone, visitors accumulate Lums that can be used to obtain exclusive content. Collecting Lums also enables visitors to increase their rank within the community and to change characters - from hero to villain and back. At Raymanzone, everyone can be as good or as bad as they want to be!

Join the Lums Quest Now at the Raymanzone!

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