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Daily Dose Of Boring 'Mods'

by Rainier on Feb. 5, 2003 @ 5:24 p.m. PST

Today was a busy mod news day with the final release of Fusion Pack 10 (we mentioned this a few days ago) as well as the fifth chapter of the team-play Half-Life modification, The Vampire Slayer (thanks Homelan). To top it all of there is also a new v1.7b patch for the Half-Life mod Frontline Force. The changes in this v1.7b update reside on the CLIENT side, however for clients to utilize this update, servers must upgrade. Both Win32 AND Linux server files are included in this archive. Read more for further details and download links on all these mod related files ..

Get the Front Line Force v1.7b patch off Worthplaying (1.5mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Front Line Force v1.7b

Key changes:

  • Third person camera exploit removed
  • Keycard Mode changed; removed the green glow from players, added special team-icon instead.
  • added cl_dlights cvar; shut this off if sparks lag you too much.

Misc stuff:

  • updated liblist.gam so game is listed as 1.7b
  • pdated default listenserver.cfg and server.cfg to say 1.7b
  • contains 1.7a server-side update (both win32 and linux)

Fusion Pack v10 Final

Get the Fusion Pack 10 off Worthplaying (99mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Description : Fusion Pack 10 is the biggest update since Fusion Pack 6.5 and is set to be the best version yet! Incorporating many of the enhancements made in version 9.5 Fusion Pack 10 includes a wide variety of replacements including bug fixes and additional enhancements. To further enhance the look and identity of our Fusion Pack we have done a majority of the 2D work our self including weapon HUD sprites, VGUI menu graphics and console graphics. One of the biggest enhancements comes in the form of an entirely new Counter-Terrorism and Terrorist team. Furthermore we have also replaced a majority of the pistols and also added a new AUG replacement! Additionally Fusion Pack 10 incorporates a list of long awaited bug fixes to further enhance the user’s experience.

Fusion Pack v10 Features:

  • Added new console splash screen with animated graphics.
  • Redid and updated VGUI menu weapon select graphics.
  • Added new Counter-Terrorist team models.
  • Added new Terrorist team models.
  • Redid and updated HUD weapon select sprites.
  • Added more realistic weapon sounds.
  • Added new Terrorist Win sound.
  • Added new debris sounds.
  • Added new AUG Assault Rifle.
  • Added new P228 pistol.
  • Added new USP45 pistol.
  • Added new FN57 pistol.
  • Added new Elite pistols.
  • Added new helicopter model.
  • Brought back old Desert Eagle pistol.
  • Brought back old M4A1 Assault Rifle.
  • Fixed and modified frag sprites.
  • AUG and SG552 frag sprites now show.
  • Removed old and outdated maps.
  • Added new maps.

Vampire Slayer:Chapter V

Get the Full Vampire Slayer Chapter V Mod off Worthplaying (71mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Get the Vampire Slayer v4.15 --> V Patch Worthplaying (33mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Other Mirrors

Check the official website

  • Added: New slayer - Eightball
  • Added: Weapon - Winchester rifle
  • Added: Weapon - Thunder Five
  • Added: Weapon - Pool Cue
  • Added: Three new maps - vs_redlight, vs_ehb_ctc, vs_mummy
  • Added: SDK 2.3 dead cameras including first person dead cam, overviews, auto-director
  • Added: Smoke puff bullet impact (cl_smokepuffs)
  • Added: Spark streaks to bullet impact (cl_bulltetsparks)
  • Added: Capture the Cross game mode.
  • Added: Destroy the Coffins style game mode.
  • Added: Vampire crosshair
  • Added: Bodyfall sound
  • Added: Full body animation for vampire run
  • Added: VGui round end graphics
  • Added: Slayers drop weapon when arm or leg hit
  • Change: vs_station and vs_church use new game modes.
  • Change: Removed uzi tracer
  • Change: Increased size of p_shotty and p_xbow
  • Change: Tidied crosshairs
  • Change: Increased uzi clip to 36
  • Change: Decreased dbshotty accuracy
  • Change: Nina resurrect at 20
  • Change: Edgar go totaly invisible when stationary
  • Change: Louis silent attack ability
  • Change: Removed 3rd person view
  • Change: Claws to Chapter.III timing
  • Change: Reduced hit rebound and added to immune FD
  • Change: Map fixes for raven and jailhouse
  • Change: Map vs_hunt becomes vs_blizzard
  • Fix: Fixed dead cam keys "next spectator/mode select" bug

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