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Postal 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Running With Scissors
Developer: Running With Scissors

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'Postal 2' Is Going Gold - Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 5, 2003 @ 6:21 p.m. PST

Forget what you know about first person shooters, walk a week in the Postal Dude’s shoes and freely explore full 3-D open ended environments. Interact with over 100 unique NPC's. Postal 2 is all about choice; experiment with everyone and everything. And remember's only as violent as you are!

Get the new Postal 2 trailer off Worthplaying (3min27/8mb)

"It was just in-friggin-sane," yelled a deaf and defiant Vince Desi, Running With Scissors' moderately sane CEO and Chief Instigator of Mayhem. "The phrase 'shooting your wad' is never going to be the same now that the game press got to fire what they got to shoot in the game for real out at the range!"

The POSTAL Dude delivered Gary Coleman and strippers toting RPG-7s and LAW rockets at this weekend's FULL-METAL-KICK-OFF for POSTAL 2.

Desi, whose company made gaming history (and more than a few blacklists) with the original POSTAL back in 1997, organized the brass-burning event with the help of Brassroots, Inc., a national civil rights organization based out of Tucson.

The shoot was held at Desert Trails Gun Club and Training Facility. Brassroots and the Desert Trails' range staff provided technical training and a safe and sane shooting environment for over 50 Running With Scissors' supporters and Betty Ford survivors. Milton Schick of Starlight Enterprises supplied all of the Class III weaponry; ranging from suppressed submachine guns to a tripod-mounted, belt-fed, Browning 1919A4.

"I didn't even let anyone from the POSTAL 2 dev team take time away from their desks to go take a leak for the past two years," cackled Desi, "but once their eyes got adjusted to seeing sunlight again, they were blasting away like pros!"

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