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Enigma: Rising Tide

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation


GMX Media Secures Worldwide Rights To 'Enigma: Rising Tide' Release

by Thomas on Feb. 7, 2003 @ 1:57 a.m. PST

Enigma was initially created solely as an online game, however after discovering the title and its massive potential, GMX entered into an agreement with the developers to produce a FULL retail, single player version of the title. The size and scope of the Retail version is stunning and includes a huge number of Patrols as well as comprehensive Submarine and Surface Command Campaigns. In all more than 60 distinct missions are available to be played from a large variety of Ships and Submarines. Enigma is also one of a very few games that can be played completely by voice command giving the player an added element of immersion. In keeping with the original intent behind Enigma, Tesseraction Games has agreed to include a free 30 day trial of Enigma: Rising Tide Multiplayer when it is launched later this year.

"We have recently signed distribution deals with a number of companies, these deals enables GMX to publish it titles in any part of the world." Commented Barry Leonard COO of GMX Media. "The most exciting thing is we are now capable of publishing our titles in the lucrative US market. The buzz around Enigma: Rising Tide has been incredible, we expect massive sales not just in Europe but also in the US."

"GMX has shown a real commitment to Tesseraction and Enigma: Rising Tide, " remarked Tesseraction Games President Kelly Asay, " and that in return has inspired a high level of confidence in GMX as a business partner. We are very excited to extend this relationship to the global level."

The Full Retail version of ENIGMA Features:

Three dynamic factions: United States, Imperial Germany, or the League of Free Nations.

Accurate WWII craft including submarines, corvettes, destroyers, battleships, aircraft and more.

Real-time cinematic action. ยท Real-time voice command and control.

A 30 day subscription to Enigma Multiplayer upon release.

Real-time weather and environmental factors.

Dynamically assigned missions based on strategic priorities.

Dynamic ocean effects and vehicle physics that respond to weather conditions.

Evolving alternate history backstory.

GMX plans to release ENIGMA: RISING TIDE in March 2003.


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