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GameHouse And MacPlay Announce Partnership

by Thomas on March 11, 2003 @ 6:20 a.m. PST

GameHouse, the industry leader in creating fun, high quality Puzzle and Arcade style games, announced today an agreement with United Developers, parent company of MacPlay and Mumbo Jumbo. The partnership is taking GameHouse's most popular online games and distributing them in national retail outlets.

The first product to be released by the partnership includes Super Collapse!, currently the most popular game on the Internet. Each day, over 200,000 people log on to their favorite gaming web site to play award-winning Collapse! Players spend an average of 40 minutes per day in a strategic battle attempting to stop small colored blocks from reaching the top of their screen.

"The mass market appeal of a game like Super Collapse! is what first attracted us to pursue it as a distributor," says Mark Cottam, President of MacPlay. "The popularity of this game cuts across all the demographic groups."

Super Collapse!, along with other web game hits Super Nisqually and Super Glinx!, are now available in retail software outlets across the US on a single CD-ROM.

The retail version of the games include many features not found on the Internet versions, including full screen play, greater music selection, high resolution graphics and high-score posting.

"Our fans have come to expect the best games on the Internet," says Garr Godfrey, co-founder of GameHouse. "So when we began creating the retail versions of our biggest games, we knew we'd have to set the bar high. We're very proud of the result and excited to have our games expand to a new channel."

The CD's are now available in national retail outlets for $29.99.

GameHouse currently has over 60 different online games including puzzle, casino, sports, card and board games at GameHouse games are played over 50 million times each month

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