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Let The Siege Begin With 'Castles & Catapults'

by Rainier on March 11, 2003 @ 8:59 a.m. PST

Immerse yourself in medieval warfare with Castles & Catapults, the PC game in which you destroy your enemy brick by brick. Developed by Magic Lantern Playware and published by Infogrames, Inc., Castles & Catapults ships today and is available for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Assemble an army of warriors to march into the field of battle. Men-at-arms, long bowmen, pikemen - these are the pawns that clear a path for your deadly siege. Demolish your enemy's defenses, storm the walls and capture the castle to claim victory! Whether playing the single-player campaign or jousting with friends online, conquest is just a catapult's launch away.

"Castles & Catapults is packed with the best in medieval warfare - building castles, storming walls, demolishing armies, and of course, battling dragons," says Paul Rinde, Senior VP and General Manager of the Infogrames Minneapolis studio. "Castles & Catapults combines the turn-based planning and strategy of a board game with the action and excitement of a real-time strategy computer game, all in a comprehensive, pick-up-and-play PC game."

Each "day" of Castles & Catapults includes three timed phases. During the first phase, players alternate buying pieces such as Castle Walls, Knights, Wizards, and Dragons, each with their own statistics and abilities. Do you repair that hole in your wall, or add a few more bowmen to your army? Players then assemble these armies and fortify their defenses in preparation for the final phase of real-time combat. The first one to take over his opponent's castle wins.

Key game features and scenarios:

  • Construct castle defenses to protect your kingdom from each day's assault from enemy forces
  • Command armies of the finest fighters, including Bowmen, Pikemen, Wizards, Knights and even a dragon
  • Face-off against a rival kingdom in fast and furious real-time battles
  • Wrestle with tough trade-offs as you decide whether to replenish your attacking armies or bolster your castle defenses
  • Lay Siege to the enemy castle with an assault of catapults, giant crossbows, and trebuchets
  • Take on a friend across the Internet, or battle one-on-one against the computer in a fifteen mission campaign

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