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WarBirds, Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) Launches In Beta!

by Thomas on March 13, 2003 @ 10:36 p.m. PST

WarBirds, PTO, Pacific Theater of Operations is launched in Beta! Come fly the Battles of the Pacific in the Philippine Islands! The new product launched in Beta today and is expected to go live on 20 March 2003. WarBirds, PTO, Pacific Theater of Operations is a major new product from the award winning WarBirds III Family of products. New Terrains, new airplanes, new flight models, new strategy, new graphic features, and new fun all will be had with this exciting new product! This is the first new product since the release of the original WarBirds III was launched in 2000!

To Download the new Beta, go to .

The WarBirds, PTO takes the action to the Southern Philippines. The new water and island terrain is generated from 100-meter resolution satellite data, which allows stunning depictions of actual topography from the Pacific region.

WarBirds, PTO includes new Japanese fighter/bombers the B5N2 Kate, the D3A Val, and the G4M1 Betty as well as awesome new 3D cockpits from numerous German and US fighter/bombers. If that’s not enough to get the excitement running through your veins, you can opt to roll in the world famous M4A3 Sherman take capture airfields in exciting tank battles!

Additionally, to gratify the high demands from today’s more sophisticated gamers for high-level of immersion in their online game play, we have added a new strategic supply model. This new supply model provides the opportunity for players to experience more realistic battle conditions and allows them to employ more historical strategies, operations, and tactics.

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