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'Dungeon : Gladiator' - Screens

by Rainier on March 18, 2003 @ 5:31 p.m. PST

Dungeon : Gladiator is a multiplayer oriented First Person Melee Game. Welcome to Verlorn, an island of a rich and troubled history, recently devastated by the feuds and wars of the foul Tyrants holding dominion here. In days passed, when humankind's Empire yet held an unsteady peace with its allies the Krehl, Verlorn was once known by a different name. Looking further back, remnant archives tell of the island when two great races once dominated. Beyond this, all that remains are sparse legends of creation full of myth and speculation. Where would you begin your quest for knowledge? A new batch of screens, njoy!

Features :

  • Grand scale gladiatorial combat, allowing for multiple melee combatants in a vast number of arenas. Using Dungeon RISC system.
  • RPG style character creation, giving the player the ability to completely customize their character for their own style of play. With 10 races, 100's of techniques, and tons of weapons and equipment to chose from.
  • Tons of flexibility in your character's visual customization. Several body-type variations for each race, as well as dynamic texture alteration and detailing options.
  • Several classic and new multi-player game types, all conforming to Dungeon's melee based gameplay: Duel, Deathmatch, Team Combat, Chariot, Fortress, Skulls, King of the Hill, God save the King, and more.
  • Online ranking and character development system, allowing gladiator's of great skill to gain recognition or infamy in the Dungeon community.
  • In-game supported online organizations: Stables to help support and training for the harsh rigors of trial by combat. Clans to help provide cohesive competitive groups within the online community.

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