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Purge Online

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'Purge Online' - Class Guide ::Cyborg::

by Rainier on March 18, 2003 @ 10:24 p.m. PST

Class Guide
Author: Roy Smart


The Cyborg is the largest character in the Purge, thus he is the easiest to hit, however, he has the best armor on the Order. His armor is more durable then the Androids and absorbs more kinds of attacks. He has 25 AC (Armor Class) and 250 Armor Points. Since the Cyborg is so large, it is very difficult for him to sneak undetected, so this is not a recommeneded activity.

Playing the Cyborg as a Fire-Support

Use these attributes to be a Fire-Support Cyborg.

Dexterity: Good
Energy: Low
Tenacity: Low
Agility: Fair
Intelligence: Low
Life: Low
Strength: Excellent

Fire-Support is some "theorical" tactic you see in other shooters that never really work. This is because their heavy machine guns never fire fast enough, do enough damage, and/or have enough ammo. In Purge, since you can make your own characters, you can make a true Fire-Support subclass out of the Cyborg. The key attribute here is Strength. You want this at the highest possible for two reasons: a) to carry the maximum ammo and b) so your heavy firearms don't slow you down a bit. If you start with 25 Strength (Excellent) you will not need to gain any levels just to run with Minigun or SCRUB at full speed. The trick here is to follow closely behind your teammates with the Minigun spinning. Keep an eye on your detector at the upper left for advancing enemies. As soon as you see them, open up your Minigun. Don't bother crouching down until your team is fighting in a stationary area -- you will need to keep up with them, but if you Dexterity is low and you don't have SureShot on, stand still when you spray your Minigun. It will keep the weapon accurate enough. Your goal isn't so much kill any particular opponent as it is force them back so your team can advance. Also you have an unusually high amount of SCRUBS. Use these to disable Wards and flush out opponents hiding behind obstructions. This tactically works very well with squad of atleast 2 more attackers (for you to give support fire for).

Playing the Cyborg as a Base Guard

Use these attributes to be a Base Guard.

Dexterity: Low
Energy: Low
Tenacity: Low
Agility: Low
Intelligence: Excellent
Life: Low
Strength: Very Good

The real power of a Base Guard Cyborg is the Charge Station. With Excellent Intelligence you can build one of these which slowly can recharge your health and, more importantly, ammo. Your SCRUB is primary weapon, save the Combat Shotgun for when you out of rockets and waiting for the Charge Station to resupply you. You don't need to build the Charge Station directly inside your base, but rather a good position where you can destroy incoming Chosen, such on top a tower or hill. Obviously, you should stay right next to your Station to keep recieving ammo. It is fine to be little wasteful with your SCRUBS especially since you can resupply yourself.

Playing the Cyborg as the Rangemaster

Use these attributes to be a Rangemaster

Dexterity: Excellent
Energy: Low
Tenacity: Low
Agility: Low
Intelligence: Fair
Life: Low
Strength: Good

The Rangemaster is perhaps the most powerful but most difficult variation of the Cyborg to play. The Rangemaster is escentially a sniping Cyborg. Yes, this is very possible and you can snipe with the Minigun. With the SureShot buff and your 25 starting Dexterity you can do somewhere between 700-900 damage a second. You will need to rely completely on your aim and ability to control the Minigun. This subclass has extreme firepower both in close range, since he is using a Minigun, and in long range. Simply zoom in on enemies and burst fire to snipe them. Crouching helps too. You don't have much life and being a big Cyborg, this can very dangerous if caught in the firefight. Try to keep some distance between yourself and the enemies. In this particular setup, distance is the Minigun's friend. Also, you won't be able to run as fast most other sniping subclasses, so camping is also your friend -- learn the maps. Although you should not be afraid to use your Minigun, you will be very tempted to waste your Minigun ammo because if its accuracy due your high Dexterity. Try to refrain from using more ammo than needed to kill a target. Also, save your SCRUBs mainly to disable Wards and destroy constructions.

Cyborg General Strategies

When entering combat, always remember to buff yourself with the SureShot, which will give you +15 dexterity. With this extra dexterity you get extra damage and accuracy. If you are low on energy then you should wait out of firing range of the enemy until you can buff yourself. If you are using an Ion Barrier as a portable base, then you should crouch and fire, the crouch bonus and SureShot will greatly increase the accuracy of your chaingun.

The cyborgs 3rd and 4th weapon are extremely heavy, so at low levels you should carry the shotgun while running. When you are using the chaingun, you should always leave it spinning (alt-fire) so that it is ready to go when you need it, the Cyborg is too big and loud to hide anyways. The chaingun delivers the most damage, in the shortest time.

Always remember, unlike your normal shooter, the SNP Minigun (aka Chaingun) in Purge is one of the most overall powerful weapon in the game. Burst fire is a good tactic for using with the Minigun, as it is so powerful it doesn’t take all that much ammo. Burst fire (firing in short bursts) also makes you accuracy increase. If you are up against a Fighter, don’t rapidly fire, just fire a few bullets every a second so that he is forced to use his shield which will dissipate his ammo, well preserving your own. Once his shield goes down you can fire rapidly and take him down.

The primary fire mode for the S.C.R.U.B. Rocket is a homing rocket, that targets all opposing players, the accuracy of the rocket is based off of your dexterity. The alternate fire mode is a “dumb rocket”, it flies a straight path and is good when launching into an enemy bass or crowd of enemies, as it will create a large blast. Remember to use the "dumb rocket" if you plan to shooting the ground for splash damage, as the homing rocket targets the enemy's torso. If it misses, it will fly past the target.

The PPS Combat Shotgun is an excellent close combat weapon, it is the most powerful of all the secondary weapons in Purge. The alternate fire mode is a pump action and is more accurate then the primary fire mode. The PPS Shotgun, however, has low armor penetration, and therefore should not be used on the enemy Portal or other constructions, except as a last resort.

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