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'Ultimate Baseball Online' - Beta Test Report & Screens

by Rainier on March 20, 2003 @ 11:50 a.m. PST

Netamin Corporation has concluded its initial phase of alpha testing for Ultimate Baseball Online. Ultimate Baseball Online is the first ever Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Game (MMOSG), allowing two teams to compete in a 3D virtual stadium. Each participant controls a player for a specific position on a team and gamers can build their athlete’s skills by practicing pitching, fielding or batting. The UBO universe will allow league play, pick up games and a farm system, just like the real life big leagues. The season begins in early 2003.Read more for details and additional screens

Ultimate Baseball Online accurately re-creates exciting baseball action online, with each position on the field manned by a real player. More than 1000 people logged on from around the world to take part in multi-inning, nine-on-nine games. Netamin tested the gameplay, interface and servers for the title, all without any major issues.

“We are proud to report that our initial alpha tests of UBO were a huge success with the highlights including our systems’ flawless ability to handle the server load and the strong graphics capability of our proprietary engine,” said Andy Wang, president of Netamin. “Our participants, who are all baseball ‘super fans,’ were also great in providing us detailed feedback on the title and the only true concern was when they would get to play again.”

Netamin is reviewing the reports from the testers and will be incorporating the detailed feedback into the next version of Ultimate Baseball Online. Further testing will begin in a few weeks and participants can register to get in on the action or download the mini-games by visiting:

The official season for Ultimate Baseball Online will begin in summer 2003.

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