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'Op.Flash Resistance' & 'Op.Flash GOTY' - Update Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on March 20, 2003 @ 12:34 p.m. PST

New weapons, units and civilian transport are provided today for Operation Flashpoint's Resistance fighters with the release of an all-new upgrade. The Operation Flashpoint: Resistance upgrade is freely available from the game's microsite in the Downloads section. Players require the original Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and the Resistance expansion pack to use the upgrade (thanks Gamershell). Read more below for download links and to check out what this fix/add. There is also an upgrade patch for the GameOfTheYear Edition...

Get the Op.Flash Resistance v1.91 patch off Worthplaying (14mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Get the Op.Flash GOTY v1.91 patch off Worthplaying (9mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Other Mirrors

Get the Op.Flash v1.91 patches off Gamershell

  • New features :
    • Hand guns have no tracers now.
    • Hand guns are more inaccurate over longer distances.
  • New weapons :
    • Hunting Rifle
    • G-17 - silenced version
    • Revolver
    • M-10
  • New units :
    • Resistance / Sniper
    • West / pilot with hand gun
    • West / silenced BlackOp
  • New vehicles :
    • Bicycle
    • Small Car
  • New MP Missions :
    • SectorControl.Noe: New version of old mission. Extensive fighting around a small bridge on the north.
    • FlagFightHandGuns.Noe: Very fast and deadly mission. Deathmatch with flag on a very small area. Hand guns only.

Technical Description > REQUIRED:

You have to have OFP: Resistance installed before aplying this patch. If you have 1.85 patch installed you can still upgrade to version 1.90 with this patch - look at "BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS IN 1.90" section to see what is new.

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