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'Paradise Cracked' Comes To The US

by Thomas on March 21, 2003 @ 8:20 a.m. PST

Buka Entertainment is pleased to announce, that they have already signed a Joint Publishing Agreement with Tri Synergy Inc. for Paradise Cracked. It is a significant step Buka made to broaden the visibility of its products for the North American market as a whole.

Before there were released three of their games in the North American market: Hard Truck, Echelon and Gromada.

“It is natural, that each publisher should strive for switching the deals from the simple licensing to the co-publishing on each territory and worldwide publishing way of doing business”, commented Maxim Mikhalev, Vice-President International. “And Tri Synergy is a reliable and suitable partner for such far-reaching designs. Thus, we consider this Joint Publishing deal to be a serious movement for Buka Entertainment towards the worldwide business arena.”
We hope, that the American gamers will appreciate Paradise Cracked at its true value.
Tri Synergy will announce a precise release date later.

About Paradise Cracked
For many years the world had suffered from overpopulation and ecological destruction, until the leading scientists created CyberBrain - a supercomputer that solved all the global problems and turned the overpopulated and polluted Earth into Paradise.

...Cyberspace gave an opportunity to make everyone happy. People spent most of their time in computer networks: talking to each other, playing, having sex or fishing, but all being done virtually. The machines did all the work. It seemed that finally humanity had reached the utopia they had always dreamed of...

But good life stopped the progress. New discoveries were unnecessary, because the things people already had suited them perfectly well. The computer started to analyze things happening to mankind, and arrived at an unfavorable conclusion: birth-rate was going down to catastrophic levels, I.Q. was constantly decreasing - mankind was becoming extinct. And then CyberBrain decided on a great experiment...

You are a young hacker. Once, while in cyberspace you managed to break into a secured area and came across a series of strange data packets. You hurriedly copied these to disk, not even having the time to read their contents. Only a few minutes later you hear a police siren, followed by banging on the door and demands to open up:..

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